Mastering Your Vic-20

Over the course of my life I am proud to say I was a programmer. I was not a hardcore programmer and my coding was never as neat as it should have been, but I was in the game. And why was I in the game? Because I was lucky […]

An Interview with Actor Thom Bray

A few months ago I got a hold of the talented actor, writer, producer, Thom Bray for my first celebrity interviews. As a big Riptide fan I was always a fan of his and when I was able to contact him on the web I was overjoyed. This is a […]


TMNT Gum by Bubble Toons

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back and they are on the gum. That’s right, now when you reach for a piece of your favorite gum you could be sharing it with Raphael or Michelangelo, because now they have TMNT Gum. I picked up a pack of this gum yesterday […]

7-UP Dots

Merry Christmas from the 7-UP Dots

Twenty years ago the 7-up Dots made their first appearance on television. These cute animated guys quickly became the California Raisin of the soda pop world. They had a great run, but sadly like all mascots they lost their power to sell. Eventually they went the way of the “Where’s […]

Tiger Power cereal

Tiger Power, the Healthier Cereal? No Thank You!

Breakfast Cereal is the food of the gods. Little known fact, Norse deities would cast down judgment from on high while eating a heaping bowl of Lucky Charms. Why breakfast cereal? The crunch? The fact it STAYS crunchy in milk? The cool colors it turns the milk? No! No! No! […]