Halloween for the Atari 2600

I just got done spending 2 hours playing the infamous Wizard-made Halloween for the Atari 2600 and its a grand old time. The game is simple enough. You take on the role of Lauri Strode and must rescue the children by dragging them to the end of a hallway. Of […]

Evil Dead (1981) and my Brush with Bruce Campbell

So much has been said about the Evil Dead that I feel I could only do it a disservice by trying to heap more praise upon it. I think it should suffice to say I think this movie is great and I am a huge fan of everything Bruce Campbell. […]

Scanners (1981) is Head-Exploding Goodness

After last night’s Minotaur debacle its nice to have a good “go-to” movie to cleanse the pallet. It has been about two years since I saw Scanners last, but I have really gained a greater appreciation for Cronenberg in the mean time. Eastern Promises and A History of Violence were […]

Semper Fudge

Semper Fudge

Last night on The Simpsons they referenced one of my favorite Simpsons’ line, Semper Fudge. While it was a great line, I did not expect to ever hear it again on the show. Semper Fudge just seemed so episode specific. Maybe I never expected the Simpsons to become so huge […]

Do you Remember Cricket Dolls?

What happens when Teddy Ruxpin and one of those mind melting kids from Village of the Damned have a baby? Cricket is born. These Cricket dolls operated in similar fashion to Teddy Ruxpin, but instead of single sided tapes they used double. The sound data was one side and movement […]

Apollo 11 Mission Patch

Apollo 11 Mission Patch

This Apollo 11 Mission Patch was on the wall of family’s house since 1969. Both my parents were proud and rabid fans of space exploration. Especially the Apollo missions. Now this was slightly before my time, but I always enjoyed my family’s collection of Moon memorabilia. It was scattered about […]

Hail to the Animated Burger King

Three years ago Albert Paterson went to bed a normal happy man. Everything in his life was going great. He was in line for a promotion. He had a great fiance and had just received a perfect bill of health from his doctor. We know, from what doctors have pieced […]

100 Toy Soldiers for $1.75. What a Bargain.

I always fell for these ads as a kid. 100 toys? Under 2 bucks? Sign me up. Of course you don’t think the army guys would be less then an inch tall. If you are a clever child you might have realized that all 100 toys will fit in the […]

Bosco is the Milk Enhancer!

I love this commercial. It has everything I love, stop motion animation, adorable spokes-bear and chocolate milk. You got to love the 1950s where the idea of chocolate and syrup as fast energy was a good thing. If you listen to the audio you mighty think its a healthful, but […]