York Peppermint Pattie Ski Jump

Well they just showed “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on ABC and you know what it puts me in the mood for? A York Peppermint Pattie of course. As a consummate watcher of Charlie Brown Specials I can not think of a single airing of this Holiday classic (when it was […]

Way Out Sounds from Saturn

When I was a young kid we still had a giant hi-fi stereo in my house and the core of my family’s music listening was not the new fangled 8 track system, but the tried and true turntable. Of course my parents’ taste in music consisted of albums along the […]

Scary Delicious Globalls for Halloween

Snowballs seem a natural fit as a Christmas snack. “Snow”ball. It’s perfect, but when X-mas rolls around no a snowball can be found hanging from a tree or melting at the bottom of a stocking. But on Halloween Snowballs morph into Glo-Balls and boy are they creepy. Check out these […]

Spooky Orange Pringles

Its almost Halloween so that must mean its time for some Orange Food. If you go to the Supermarket you will see a bunch of food died all the colors of the Halloween rainbow. Green, orange, green, all the colors are represented. Today we take a look at Spooky Pringles. […]

5 Worst Halloween Treats

Today I will share my thoughts on what you do not want to get in your plastic pumpkin this Halloween. Join me for the Top 5 Worst Halloween Treats. 5. DUM-DUM LOLLIPOPS Let me start with the two good things about Dum-dums. Their name, Dum-dum is an awesome name and […]

Scary Fruit Snacks

I always thought that fruit snacks were already pretty scary, but leave it to the folks at Kellogg’s to prove me wrong..Again. Their fruit snacks come in 3 hard to discern flavors. Indulge in these tasty sweet treats! If you dare! The delicious snacks come in 3 flavors! Three flavors? […]

Glowing Candy Wrappers

I bought chocolate bars thinking they would glow. If I only read the fine print I would have realized that they are in fact haunted! Buying a good selection of Trick or Treat candy is always fun. Usually the selection down the candy aisle of the local supermarket is so […]

Top 5 Scooby-Doo Villains

Whew! Just in time for Halloween its time for the top 5 Scooby Villains of all time. How’s that for timing. As scary cartoons go, Scooby Doo was the tops. Great color pallet, dark storylines, and lots and lots of fog. I am of course referring to the original “Scooby-Doo,Where […]

Whoppers, Really? Ya Gotta Be Kiddin Me

Now this truly is a tale of Halloween horror. I go to my neighborhood store, lookin’ to satisfy my seasonal sugar craving, and what do a find? An “All Time Greats” candy assortment featuring Whoppers! So when did Whoppers join the ranks of the Hershey Bar, the Kit Kat, or […]

Partially Hydrogenated Evil: Yummy, yet sinister, Pumpkin Delights

Little Debbie, not to be outdone by Hostess, brings you a classy Pumpkin flavored treat. Which I believe are the only mass manufactured pumpkin-flavored treats available in my supermarket. So read on..if you dare! It’s Halloween time, so you’re on the lookout for evil and mischief, but did you ever […]