AAU Shoes? Sho’ ‘Nuff!

In the late 70s it seems that AAU shoes thought they were the cat’s meow. They embarked on a bad-ass disco campaign to sell their shoes (which look like they would be pretty in-style now.). So here is what I get from this ad – 1. A hippie has shown […]

Women Love The 1970’s Man

All they had to do was groom their mustache or fluff their perfectly permed hair and stewardesses would swoon. A mere mention of their sensitive side and the all too caring nurse and tightly wound school teacher would peel of their cloths and leap into the faux-wood whirlpool hot tub. […]

Bamm-Bamm Fruity Pebbles

Just when you think that the world of Fruity Pebbles has stabilized the good people at Post like to rock the boat and introduce a new variant. The new Bamm-Bamm Berry Pebbles are not as exciting as Fiesta Pebbles, but boy are they colorful. Pretty nice huh? Although the composition […]

Donny and Marie Make Me Want to Buy Stuff

Do you remember the episode of the Simpsons where Bart gets a magic microphone that allows him to hijack AM radio signals? It’s a great episode that captures just how cool those mics seem to a kid. When I was a kid I really wanted one and pictured myself running […]

Why You Should Love Leonard Simon Nimoy

I would like to take a little more web space to talk about my hero Leonard Nimoy. Every generation has its renaissance man. The people of the 15th century had Leonardo (awfully close to Leonard) Da Vinci, those in the 18th century had Ben Franklin and if you were born […]


Nothing like a little gunpowder action to “interest up“© a boring night. So sit back, relax grab a cold glass of something and if you listen very closely you might be able to hear the distant snap of POP POP Snappers. Let’s Bang drop it! I grew up in New […]

These Sea Monkeys look like the Whos from Whoville

Just add water and you can become the ruler of your own brine shrimp kingdom! Play god with these delightful creatures and be a terrible fearful deity or a benevolent provider. With Sea Monkeys, your choice of morality is half the fun! I received Sea Monkeys as a gift when […]

Been a While Since A Chocodile

I grew up on the east coast, in the great state of New Jersey and beside having a top notch parkway we also have a great selection of snack cakes. We had it all — Tasty Cakes, Little Debbie, Drakes and of course Hostess. All of them were at my […]

Fruity Pebbles Coin Purse and a Classic Ad

Being a very masculine young boy I of course carried around a change purse. I did this for two reasons. I needed a place to hold the copious amount of quarters I needed to master Mr. Do AND his Wild Ride and I enjoyed being beaten up. Usually I got […]

Fiesta Fruity Pebbles Bowl

Just to follow up, I did get my Fiesta Fruity Pebbles Cereal Bowl and it is everything I have always wanted in both a cereal bowl and a life-mate. Plastic, shallow and with a smiling picture of Fred Flintstone playing the maracas on its bottom.