Wonder What The House From Poltergeist Looks Like Now?

After watching a certain movie over and over throughout the years – do you ever stop and think what that location might look like now? Locations from House, Prince of Darkness, and even the house from Poltergeist – thanks to one dedicated fan we know the answer!

The magical world of the Walkie-talkie

Communication now is ubiquitous. We are basically living in a science fiction world on the communication front. One technology though, for many years, allowed for freedom that would hint at the remarkable future in which we currently exist, the walkie-talkie.

More Info For The 1997 Tales From The Crypt Game!

Friends, we have the third video in the CryptTube series for your viewing pleasure – once again Jonathan has been able to dig up some amazing information on the 1997 Tales from the Crypt game that was scheduled to hit PC computers!

Pilot Of The Airwaves – Charlie Dore – 1979

This great song,”Pilot Of The Airwaves” takes me back to my youth when you had to request songs if you wanted to listen to them on the radio. Sure you could listen randomly and hope your song would show up, but who wants to risk it?

Armory Dice Markers

Armory Dice Markers are great looking artifacts from a different time in gaming. It is nice to see that someone preserved them up until now and that people value them enough to pay a ludicrous amount of money for 4 used crayons.

Stove Top Stuffing Commercial from 1980

This time of year it is already best to start thinking about holiday side dishes early and not leave it to guests to bring them to the party. Might I suggest Stove Top Stuffing?

Have You Seen Target’s Totally Nostalgic Gifts?

Target gas a surprising number of retro things for sale. You just got spend some time browsing the aisles. If you don’t want to do that, perhaps this quick overview will help you find exactly what you need.