Fiesta Fruity Pebbles ¿Barney, Dónde están mis guijarros?

This week I discover what is actually Nuevo with Fiesta Fruity Pebbles. Will I find lost Incan gold? The Invisible Swordsman? The singing bush? Or a high sugar cereal with sprinkles? Find out on a new action packed edition of The Retroist! I always have a fruity cereal in my […]

Blow, I mean Breathe, New Life into Your Nintendo

I am just so happy when stuff like this gets printed. Not much to say about this ad accept, “Boy does that Nintendo look happy!” After I saw this I quickly ordered one of those Turbo Touch’s on ebay and what a ripoff. Its just a stupid controller.

Windows 95 Release

Memories of the Windows 95 Release

When Windows 95 came out I was living in NJ. Being a PC user, I went to a Windows 95 Release party that is indelibly tattooed on my brain. I didn’t have the cash at the time to upgrade, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. […]


Some background… Back in the 1980s IBM still reigned over the personal computer market and the show MASH ruled the Television airwaves. It was a decent show and had some great writing. It was especially good when it wasn’t preaching. Which was often in the early seasons. When the show […]

Strap It On – The AT&T Wrist Phone

Before the merging of mp3 players and cellphones became the hot hybrid, the average american dreamed of a little thing called the wristwatch phone. Maybe it had something to do with James Bond or the uber square-jawed detective Dick Tracy. Where the dream comes from is not that important, because […]

Dungeons and Dragons Ads

I got 2 Dungeons and Dragons Ads to share today. The first was a commercial, that I don’t remember seeing on TV, but I wish I had. The cross cutting between animation and gameplay and the deep gravely voiced narration makes it a genius work of suspense. Plus it seemingly […]

cheeseburger button

Cheese-burgers Make it Fun!

They really do! I picked this up a bit ago at a garage sale and still think it’s pretty awesome. Not sure what years it’s from? Seventies or eighties, I guess? One thing is for sure, it’s either from an era when Cheeseburger was spelled Cheese-burger or when marketing people […]

Hulk Smash and Love Twinkies!!

After a long day of fighting the forces of evil, there is nothing the Emerald Avenger likes more than to put his feet up, kick back and eat box-loads of spongy cream-filled Twinkies. In this comic ad from the late seventies you can see that everyone pretty much felt the […]

Mastering Your Vic-20

Over the course of my life I am proud to say I was a programmer. I was not a hardcore programmer and my coding was never as neat as it should have been, but I was in the game. And why was I in the game? Because I was lucky […]

8 Questions with Thom Bray

A few months ago I got a hold of the talented actor, writer, producer, Thom Bray for my first celebrity interviews. As a big Riptide fan I was always a fan of his and when I was able to contact him on the web I was overjoyed. This is a […]