Windows 95 Release

Memories of the Windows 95 Release

When Windows 95 came out I was living in NJ. Being a PC user, I went to a Windows 95 Release party that is indelibly tattooed on my brain. I didn’t have the cash at the time to upgrade, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. […]


Some background… Back in the 1980s IBM still reigned over the personal computer market and the show MASH ruled the Television airwaves. It was a decent show and had some great writing. It was especially good when it wasn’t preaching. Which was often in the early seasons. When the show […]

Strap It On – The AT&T Wrist Phone

Before the merging of mp3 players and cellphones became the hot hybrid, the average american dreamed of a little thing called the wristwatch phone. Maybe it had something to do with James Bond or the uber square-jawed detective Dick Tracy. Where the dream comes from is not that important, because […]

Dungeons and Dragons Ads

I got 2 Dungeons and Dragons Ads to share today. The first was a commercial, that I don’t remember seeing on TV, but I wish I had. The cross cutting between animation and gameplay and the deep gravely voiced narration makes it a genius work of suspense. Plus it seemingly […]

cheeseburger button

Cheese-burgers Make it Fun!

They really do! I picked this up a bit ago at a garage sale and still think it’s pretty awesome. Not sure what years it’s from? Seventies or eighties, I guess? One thing is for sure, it’s either from an era when Cheeseburger was spelled Cheese-burger or when marketing people […]

Hulk Smash and Love Twinkies!!

After a long day of fighting the forces of evil, there is nothing the Emerald Avenger likes more than to put his feet up, kick back and eat box-loads of spongy cream-filled Twinkies. In this comic ad from the late seventies you can see that everyone pretty much felt the […]

Mastering Your Vic-20

Over the course of my life I am proud to say I was a programmer. I was not a hardcore programmer and my coding was never as neat as it should have been, but I was in the game. And why was I in the game? Because I was lucky […]

8 Questions with Thom Bray

A few months ago I got a hold of the talented actor, writer, producer, Thom Bray for my first celebrity interviews. As a big Riptide fan I was always a fan of his and when I was able to contact him on the web I was overjoyed. This is a […]

Riptide on DVD

I have been watching Riptide on DVD and boy does it take me back. If you like high 80s television, run out and buy this or place it on your queue in Netflix. If you need some more enticement check out the intro… No one can resist that intro. If […]

Did you watch Saved by the Bell: The College Years?

I have been working on these old ads and found this great one for Saved by the Bell: The College Years and now I ask myself, “Why have I not rewatched this series yet?” I think it is time I did something about that. I should probably also rewatch “DuckTales” […]