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Avoid the Noid (C64/PC)

Earlier today Christopher Tupa posted a short post warning people to Avoid the Noid. Completely coincidentally, I was digging through some old Commodore 64 diskettes this even and ran across this game. The Noid is harder to avoid than I had imagined! Here’s a bit of gameplay I found on […]

Polar Rescue

There’s a dirty little secret that most Vectrex owners don’t like to talk about.  The honest truth is, that while the Vectrex was a spectacularly original system, most of the games are middling at best.  Polar Rescue stands out as a game that pushes the Vectrex to its limits, and […]


I have owned Bluprint since I was a kid and I remember being very frustrated playing it for one reason, the game is part maze game (it has multiple parts) and at the very start, they very quickly tell you what houses in the maze you need to visit. Sometimes, […]

Bachelor Party

I did some shopping this weekend at a few late season garage sales and for a couple of bucks picked up this rare-ish game from Adult game maker, Mystique, Bachelor Party. I am much more familiar with the more controversial Custer’s Revenge, but had heard of Bachelor Party and was […]