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Rest In Peace: Harry Anderson (1952 – 2018)

Friends, a little earlier today the Retroist made an announcement, down here in the Vault. It appears that Harry Anderson passed away today at age 65. I have to tell you in all honesty, I sat here in the control booth and had to fight back some tears. You see, Harry Anderson was indeed a role model for me in my youth. Thanks to his role as Judge Harold T. Stone in the hit NBC series, Night Court. I became a huge fan of magic, stylish hats, and of course the crooning of Mel Torme.

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I truly idolized Anderson. I attempted to adopt his sense of humor in interviews and roles on television. As well as his style of clothing, soon after entering Junior High School, I was always sporting a fedora. Even his hair style is something I attempted to copy. My Family barber was rather taken aback when I brought in a photo of Anderson, asking him to style my hair in a similar fashion.
Harry Anderson - Night Court

I suppose it was Harry Anderson’s craft in stage magic or illusion that endeared him to me the most. I was certainly surprised that I never caught any of his 8 appearances on Saturday Night Live. However I did manage to see him perform a few times on The Tonight Show. Like in this 1987 episode, where he entertains Johnny Carson and the audience with a levitation trick. One that was developed by Daniel Dunglas Home, an 19th century physical medium.

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Kudos to Johnny Carson of course in that clip for knowing how to go to commercial in style. One of the things I also appreciated about Harry Anderson was his honesty. He never shied away from talking about his days as a con man. A street magician at the tender age of 17. A fast-talker much like the character he played in Cheers. All in all, he appeared in 6 episode as Harry ‘The Hat’ Gittes between 1982 and 1993.

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From his roles in the 1988 remake of The Absent-Minded Professor, Tales from the Crypt, Stephen King’s It, as well as Dave’s World. I followed Anderson through them all and was always entertained. It’s hard to lose an idol but at the very least we have so many of his performances left behind to enjoy. Obviously we will dim the lights in the Vault’s auditorium in his honor.

Take a moment and enjoy Harry Anderson explaining how card tricks work. In addition while on the set of Night Court!

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New Lost in Space - Jupiter 2 - Netflix

Netflix Is In No Danger With New Lost In Space!

Friends, having had to work until the wee hours of the morning. It was indeed a pleasant treat to find that by the time I had gotten home, Netflix released it’s new Lost in Space series. While I have only had the opportunity to view the first episode, entitled Impact. I can truthfully say that I have a very, very good feeling where this new Lost in Space show is headed!
New Lost in Space - Title Card

For the first episode from Netflix and Legendary Television, it’s hard to go wrong when you have Executive Producer Neil Marshall directing. Marshall is a fantastic choice as well as being the guy responsible for some wonderful genre films. Such as Dog Soldiers, The Descent, Doomsday, and the upcoming Hellboy remake.

Obviously this new Lost in Space is based on the original ’60s television series. While it keeps the basic premise of that show as well as the 1998 big budget film adaptation. It boldly and masterfully tells a different story of the Robinsons. Just like in the source material, this new show appears that it too will focus on the strength of Family. However since it in fact is an updated version, we see that this is in no way a squeaky clean family unit. Far from it as the first episode reveals by way of flashbacks. Naturally this helps to make the Robinson Family quite relatable, in my opinion.

With a first episode title like Impact…well…it wastes no time in throwing the Robinsons in danger. Being one of many colonization teams, determined to escape a dying Earth. It hammers home the point of just how dangerous exploring strange new planets could be. The peril feels incredibly real and quite honestly, very stressful.

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The filmmakers have most assuredly picked a great cast. In particular I was impressed with Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson. As well as Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson. The Robinsons we know have been altered a little. What I mean is Will, played by Maxwell Jenkins, is rightfully hesitant about adventure. Where in the orignal series he was all too eager to go out and investigate the mysteries of the universe. Or John Robinson, played in this new Lost in Space series by Toby Stephens – in this incarnation he is an absentee Father struggling with his role. Based off just one episode, Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson is closest to the original role.
New Lost in Space - The Robinsons

Another big change is in regards to Doctor Smith, played by Parker Posey. Not to dip my toes too far into spoiler territory but she is barely in the first episode. Then there is the mysterious character that would fit the role of Robot. This new ‘companion’ to Will Robinson appears to be some kind of biomechanical being. I am most assuredly looking forward to learning more about the character.
New Lost in Space - Robot

I have no doubt that Netflix and Legendary Television have spent a pretty penny on this show. Judging by that first episode, this show is going to be a wild ride to say the very least. An enjoyable one to boot, one that I feel is quite worthy of your precious time.

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The score by Christoper Lennertz is so far amazing. However we will need to see if the new Lost in Space soundtrack can match the 1998 film version!


CryptKeeper - Tales from the Crypt Pinball

HBO Almost Released A CryptKeeper Video Game?

In point of fact, it wasn’t just the CryptKeeper but HBO’s Tales from the Crypt that was intended to be made a game. This was certainly news to me when I saw the announcement on Bloody Disgusting the other day. Although having said that, the popularity of the CryptKeeper and the show he hosted was pretty far-spread, right?

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Beyond talking dolls and a hit television series on HBO, the CryptKeeper had a line of toys. Based on a rather surprising choice for Saturday morning animation fare. 1993’s Tales from the CryptKeeper featured every boils and ghouls favorite host. Introducing horror tales that were lighter on the scares and heavier on the moral lesson.
CryptKeeper - Tales from the CryptKeeper toy

Many of the best monsters of that first season, were given the toy treatment.
CryptKeeper - Tales from the CryptKeeper - Blister Card

Furthermore Tales from the Crypt and naturally the CryptKeeper were given their own pinball machine in 1993. One that I have had the pleasure of playing a couple of times, definitely a nice table.

Now I do indeed consider myself a fan of Tales from the Crypt. It started with my love of the original EC Comics reprints and it was loathe, I mean love, at first sight when I caught the TV series. They really caught lightning in a bottle with their version of the CryptKeeper. Helped immensley of course by the voice work of John Kassir, who in 1992 was also voicing Buster Bunny in Tiny Toon Adventures!

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As I just said, I do consider myself a big fan of Tales from the Crypt. However I cannot hold a candle to the love that Jonathan of CryptTube has for the series. In addition he is responsible for finding out that in ’95 or ’96, a Tales from the Crypt computer game was in the works.
CryptKeeper - Video Game

Jonathan went so far as to contact the head artist from the video game. Which was none other than Mike Vosburg. The very same artist who provided the artwork we see in the CryptKeeper’s tome!
CryptKeeper - Tales from the Crypt - HBO - Mike Voz

Mike was even kind enough to send to Jonathan his storyboard panels for the cancelled game.
CryptKeeper - Mike Voz - Panels

After viewing CryptTube’s video, it definitely looks like we were in for something special. It appears that our favorite host of horror and terror tales would introduce each segment of the game. Each featuring a different Tales from the Crypt story or of course.I was certainly surprised to see that, at least in the storyboards, the Old Witch and VaultKeeper were intended to appear. I can’t help but think it would play into the rivalry between the two characters and the host.
CryptKeeper - Mike Voz - Video Game Panels

Sit back and enjoy looking at how close we came to a video game starring the CryptKeeper!

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You know, the Projectionist and myself have talked about Tales from the Crypt and the CryptKeeper. Once or twice on the Saturday Frights podcast…just saying.

Saturday Frights Ep 46

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Patrick McGoohan - Pack of Lies

1985 Patrick McGoohan Interview On The Today Show

I am pretty certain that after nearly eight years writing for the Retroist, you know I dig Patrick McGoohan. Whether that be from his work in 1960’s Danger Man, 1967’s The Prisoner, or even 1981’s Scanners. The latter is actually where I first encountered Patrick McGoohan, David Cronenberg’s film isn’t a bad introduction to the actor if I say so myself.

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Maybe I should shout SPOILERS before you watch that clip? However it does most definitely show why McGoohan was a legendary actor. His gravitas while performing as well as his undeniable charm, all of it helped to make him a star.
Patrick McGoohan - Ice Station Zebra

Now as for the reason Patrick McGoohan was being interviewed on the Today Show? It was due to his starring in a Broadway version of Pack of Lies, at the Royale Theater. The play was written by Hugh Whitemore, which in turn was based on 1971’s Act of Betrayal . That was actually an episode of the BBC’s Play of the Month. An amazing series to say the least although practically all of the episodes have been lost to time.

The story the play presents is based on a real event that took place in 1961. When Londoners, Ruth and Bill Search, discover their good neighbors, Peter and Helen Kroger, were in fact Russian spies. In Whitemore’s Pack of Lies, the Family name is changed to Jackson. It was revealed that the Kroegers were part of the Portland Spy Ring, photographing and sending sensitive information by way of microdots.

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In the play, McGoohan portrays an British Intelligence Officer name Stewart. Who helps to track down the Krogers and arrest them, by watching from the window of the Jackson’s teenaged daughter’s window. Gay Search, the daughter, is actually in this Today Show interview as well Patrick McGoohan!

Now that you know why Patrick McGoohan is being interviewed, enjoy this 1985 clip. Besides the interview you will also get to see just a bit of Pack of Lies as well!

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