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Retro Science

Sliding Across The Solar System

I recently rejoined the Planetary Society, after a long, long time away. It’s not that I cooled on the idea of exploring other worlds – anyone who has friended me on Facebook or followed me on Twitter knows that I spent 2015 crowing about New Horizons swinging past Pluto, possibly […]

The Space Platform

I used to gobble up space concept art like this when I was a kid. Here you see the concept for the “Space Platform”, which would have been an unmanned experiment platform in space that was serviced by the brand new Space Shuttle. For more info about the Space Platform, […]

Dropping a Hammer and Feather on the Moon

How about this as a setting for science demonstration? With the lunar module and a mountain as a backdrop, Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott recreates Galileo’s famous gravity experiment in a low-gravity vacuum by letting a hammer and falcon’s feather fall to the ground. (What no Bald Eagle feather available […]