Welcome to the archive for the Diary of an Arcade Employee Podcast – this includes the generally shorter 1UP weekly shows as well as the standard podcast. On each episode of the series I tackle a classic video game – whether that be from the Golden Age of home consoles to the iconic arcade titles that had Players lining up shoulder to shoulder back in the day. I present information on those designers and programmers that helped to make the arcades thrive as well as a deep dive on the gameplay of a chosen subject.

In addition since I have the privilege of working at the Arkadia Retrocade, I share not just my memories of the chosen game itself but what it’s like to work at a thriving retrocade in this day and age. So come join us, won’t you? I promise you aren’t even going to need a pocketful of quarters!

The Diary of an Arcade Employee has an Facebook page too – every day I share vintage gaming related photographs and items – multiple times a day.

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