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CJOR is Radio for your Brain?

I love this mid-eighties ad for the Canadian CJOR radio. It is interestingly written and using their President, Harvey Gold as spokesman, grounds it in reality. My favorite line? “You know, our research says that radio listeners under 35 just want to rock the night away or the day for […]

Enjoy this 1988 McDonald’s Radio Jingle

I have shared many print and video fast food advertising memories here on the site. One area I have not shared a lot of is radio, mostly because I personally did not record many commercials when taping off live radio. This seems to have been the norm, because searching online […]

So, You Think You Know Green Acres?

Well, think again! Most of us are familiar with the TV series (though I never could figure out why they include “chores” as one of the supposedly good things about farm life vs city life), but few of us know it’s pre-history. Green Acres came about when they wanted a […]