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Teenage Mutant Ninja Duvets

Being a parent is awesome, especially when your offspring like the same stuff that you enjoyed at their age. In this case, my seven year old LOVES the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Sadly this isn’t the 80’s animated version from my youth, but rather the 2012 update. No matter though, […]

The Wicker Living Room

I am posting this photo to warn people about why they should not own a Wicker living room. First, let’s assume that everything is cyclical, even home decoration. If so, than we are really overdue for wicker to make a comeback. While wicker can be attractive and it a breeze […]

Mega Man Helmet Lamp

Were you ever playing Mega Man and thought, “you know his helmet would make a great lamp?” Me neither, but lucky for people like us there are brilliant and creative minds who thought that very thing and are now selling this Officially-licensed Mega Man collectible. Available from ThinkGeek, the helmet […]

I want a Bigtoob Bunkbed!

Occasionally while browsing through old magazines or commercials, I see a product that I wished I had heard of as a kid. Last week I spotted these Bigtoob Bunkbeds and I have been obsessing over them ever since. I always wanted a bunkbed and these are so much better because […]