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Vinvectrex has not only reviewed every game made for the Vectrex, but discovered a long lost game for the IBM Jr. and probably changed the history of Star Wars fandom.


In elementary school, I didn’t have the opportunity to see nearly as many movies as I would’ve liked. Fortunately, the Scholastic Book Corporation came to the rescue, with movie novelizations geared toward kids. So, while I never got to see C.H.O.M.P.S. in the theater, I did get to read all […]

Activision Anthology for iOS

Activision’s recent 30th Anniversary edition of Pitfall! wasn’t a bad game, but left me wanting to play the original. Someone over at Activision must’ve anticipated this, because they finally released the Activision Anthology for iOS devices. The Activision Anthology has made its way across numerous platforms over the years. And, […]

Retro Shopping at Comic Con

Even if you’re able to attend Comic Con, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to see everything you’d like. Whether it’s not wanting to wait in line for 8 hours to attend the Hobbit panel or just missing the chance to see Brent Spiner in the hallway, Comic […]