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Long Live The King With This Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer!

At the San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend there were many television shows and films getting a welcome media push or reveal. Being one of the largest celebrations of pop culture it totally makes sense, right? However there were some upcoming projects that fared better than others. Personally I thought the Aquaman trailer showed some potential as well as Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. For myself though the two trailers that really blew me away were for Glass and of course Godzilla: King of the Monsters!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters hits theaters next May and is directed by Michael Dougherty. Who you Saturday Frights fans might know as the Director of both Trick ‘r Treat as well as Krampus. Obviously this is a follow up of 2014’s successful Godzilla which was directed by Gareth Edwards. That film was not just a box office hit but allowed Legendary to plant their flag for the MonsterVerse. A series of shared universe films featuring not just characters from the iconic Godzilla franchise but King Kong too.
Godzilla: King of the Monsters - King Kong - BAM!

The link between these films in the MonsterVerse comes by the way of the Monarch Agency. A secret multinational organization determined to locate and study M.U.T.O.S – which if you are interested stands for massive unidentified terrestrial organisms. And to get back to the subject of Godzilla: King of the Monsters…it certainly appears that they have found more than a few!

While obviously this could all be considered one giant SPOILER, the awesomeness of the new trailer means it has to be shared. Furthermore with the plot of the upcoming film basically unknown, beyond speculating, what we have left is to get really excited over the monsters that will be featured in the movie. For example you have Mothra, who in my opinion looks a bit larger in size this go around.
Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Mothra

The skies look like they will be exceptionally more dangerous in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, thanks to the inclusion of the mighty Rodan.
Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Rodan

While we know that Godzilla will stand as guardian to the Earth itself…which is demonstrated in the trailer as well as in the 2014 movie. The question is where will the rest of the monsters stand?

The main threat in the film will most assuredly be the deadly and truly frightening King Ghidorah, although I have a hunch we are going to see more monsters in the near future.
Godzilla: King of the Monsters - King Ghidorah

It’s a long wait until the May 31st debut of the film in 2019 but with a cast featuring Sally Hawkins, Kyle Chandler, Charles Dance, Bradley Whitford, Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, Vera Farmiga, and Millie Bobby Brown it will be well worth the wait.

Now then, prepare yourself for the epicness of the Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer. Though a small word of warning there is one moment of salty language used in it.

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Predator Was Voiced By Peter Cullen - Peter Cullen

The Predator Was Voiced By Peter Cullen?!

Here is a fact that I was wholly unaware of and it really took me by surprise. 1987’s Predator was voiced by Peter Cullen, I am of course referring to the titular alien character in that classic film. Now I am positive that when it comes to Peter Cullen, like many of you I know him best as the voice of the wise and compassionate Optimus Prime from The Transformers animated series as well as films and video games.

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Now Peter Cullen has had an incredible voice acting career to say the very least. In addition to The Transformers, he has also lent his voice to the likes of Trollkins, Saturday Supercade, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, and Dungeons & Dragons. Furthermore that is just a tip of the iceberg on the animated series he has worked on in the past 47 years. While his first credited acting gig was as the announcer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in ’67 – Cullen’s first voice acting for animation was in 1971 with Tiki Tiki.
Predator Was Voiced By Peter Cullen - Tiki Tiki

Thanks to Saturday Morning Rewind we can take a brief look at the many, many voices Cullen has provided.

In 1987 when Predator was about to hit theaters I found myself with something of a dilemma on my hands. My Father for some bizarre reason didn’t want to see the movie, which I was having a hard time wrapping my head around. Not only did he love monster movies but he also really, really liked science fiction films. No matter what I said and even AFTER seeing this teaser trailer…he refused to believe it was going to be about an alien.

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As you might imagine after getting him in the actual theater to see the film…he changed his tune pretty quickly. Since the 1987 film we have been sure to catch any film with the Predator in it. Which to get back to Peter Cullen, it shocked me that I did not know he provided the vocal clicks of the alien hunter. I do sort of pride myself on trying to know as much as I possibly can on my favorite films, although somehow this particular fact managed to escape my notice over the years.
Predator Was Voiced By Peter Cullen - Predator

Thankfully we can hear about how the Predator was voiced by Peter Cullen from the actor himself!

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Sinister Tales of Terror Episode 16 – The Midnight Game

Friends, I am just as shocked as you are to wake up and find out the Projectionist has produced a new Sinister Tales of Terror podcast episode. Furthermore it appears the Retroist wisely hired someone to act as the shadowy cinephile’s assistant. No one is ever going to say the Retroist isn’t a smart cookie. But what tale of terror do the Projectionist and his assistant Ross discuss for this episode? Not so much a story for this go around but a ritual known as the Midnight Game.

I certainly feel we are going to be seeing some different types of tales in this second season of the Sinister Tales podcasts. Which if I am being honest, change can be a good thing. Talking it over with Ross during our lunch break – he said that the show will continue to be digest sized – something to enjoy when you need a quick jolt of the macabre.

In the Midnight Game you will hear Ross and the Projectionist talk about the origins of the unnerving ritual. As well as a documented case of the summoning of the Midnight Man in the town of Haddonfield. Which as most of you know is where the Projectionist hails from and has set up his ‘Haunted Drive-In‘.

While I am in no way a capable historian or researcher such as Ross or the Projectionist…I would heed their warnings about trying to play the Midnight Game!

The Midnight Game - The Midnight Man

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Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - prints

Have You Taken A Look At These Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird?

Friends, as is widely known, back in 1983 when Return of the Jedi hit theaters – the addition of Ewoks to the series caused a lot of Star Wars fans to get up in arms. There were folks like myself though that actually found them interesting. Judging by these beautiful Ewok portraits by Brandon Bird, the artist finds them interesting as well.

Granted my fascination with the Ewoks could have been due to my age. I had just turned eleven years old at that point, so the ‘cute’ nature of the species was obviously pleasing. Although even in my youth I caught onto the fact that the Ewoks were going to cook and heat Han Solo and Luke Skywalker!

[Via] Cine Ric

Brandon Bird is an artist I highly admire, I am always looking forward to seeing what he might post next on his Instagram account. Heck, at the arcade we have quite a bit of his artwork on display. Beyond some of his hilarious Jerry Orbach stickers on display, my favorite at the arcade has to be “No One Wants To Play Sega with Harrison Ford”.

Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - No One Wants To Play Sega with Harrison Ford

All images are courtesy of Brandon Bird.

So a couple of days ago when I saw these Ewok portraits by Brandon Bird, I knew I would have to share them with you. By hopping on over to the artist’s official merchandise page, you too can pick up prints or even the original oil portraits. The Ewoks that Bird painted include Logray, head Shaman of the Bright Tree tribe of Endor.
Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - Logray

While Chief Chirpa isn’t represented, we do have the heroic Paploo, who in Return of the Jedi was portrayed by none other than Kenny Baker. Paploo was the Ewok who managed to sneak past the Imperials to steal a speeder bike – leading the Imperials away and giving Han and his team the chance to sneak into the shield generator.
Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - Paploo

Brando Bird also painted a portrait for Romba, who in the expanded universe was revealed to be a hunter for another tribe of Ewoks. When the Empire arrived on Endor they slaughtered his tribe while he was out on a hunt to make room for the shield generator. Luckily for Romba, Chief Chirpa accepted him into Bright Tree tribe.
Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - Romba

Then we have Teebo who was played by the late and great Jack Purvis in Return of the Jedi. Much like Kenny Baker, Purvis too appeared in Terry Gilliam’s exceptional Time Bandits in 1981. In that film he portrayed the physically aggressive Wally, the bandit who appeared to constantly doubt the leadership of Randall (David Rappaport).

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Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - Teebo

Last but not least Brandon Bird produced an oil portrait for Lumat who happens to be the chief woodcutter for the Bright Tree tribe.
Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - Lumat

As I’ve mentioned already you can hop on over to Brandon Bird’s official merchandise page and pick up these as prints – or if your pockets are deeper you can buy the original oil paintings. However you will also find two additional pieces of art – one for an Ewok infant as well as one featuring both Wicket and Cindel Towani!

Now that you have had a chance to look over the Ewok portraits by Brandon Bird…let’s watch that intro to Season 1 of Ewoks!

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