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When not nostalgia blogging, ElectricDisk is busy with super secret sci-fi stuff like Time Travel, Parallel Universes, Warp Speed and Ion Cannons

Just give ’em whiskey

With the fairly new invention of the digital sampler in the late 80s, it was possible for musicians to record real world sounds (door slams, dogs barking) and replay them at any key, up and down the scale like a piano. Games like Bezerk used voice synthesizers to approximate speech, […]

Oh, no! It’s Mr. Yuk!

When I was young, I was taken to the emergency room because I had downed a bunch of purple (grape flavored) medicine. For some reason, I associate that experience with “Mr. Yuk”. Mr. Yuk is a character that is supposed to keep children away from poison, cleaning fluids and paint. […]