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When not nostalgia blogging, ElectricDisk is busy with super secret sci-fi stuff like Time Travel, Parallel Universes, Warp Speed and Ion Cannons

Bayer Asprin TV Ad

Visually, nothing says 80s like a simulated neon glow. Remember Levis, Bubbalicious and HBO? Here’s a short gem from Bayer with all the appropriate starfield backgrounds, simulated neon and edge sparkle. Listen for the little sound effect ‘tinggggg’, which is sometimes used now days for comedic effect. Does anyone know […]

Just give ’em whiskey

With the fairly new invention of the digital sampler in the late 80s, it was possible for musicians to record real world sounds (door slams, dogs barking) and replay them at any key, up and down the scale like a piano. Games like Bezerk used voice synthesizers to approximate speech, […]

Empire of the Ants

The phrase “I for one welcome our new _______ overlords” has been sourced to the 1977 movie “Empire of the Ants”. At the beginning of the movie, a boat is shown dropping radioactive barrels of waste into the ocean. Soon after, small ants are shown chomping down on the silvery […]

Don’t Mess With Texas

A 26 year old campaign against litter in Texas is still running strong. In 1985 the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) asked Mike Blair and Tim McClure to create a slogan for an anti-littering campaign. At the time the state of Texas spent about $20 million annually to clean litter […]

Theme to the British TV Show U.F.O.

The premise of the classic TV show is that in the near future, the Earth is being harvested for replacement body organs by aliens. To fight these aliens, a secret organisation called SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) is created. They operate behind the cover of the Harlington-Straker Studios in […]