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Sass Wagon (or Dana, if you prefer formality) grew up in Pennsylvania in the 80s and 90s. She kinda needs a haircut.

Before they were famous…

But after they’d at least gotten an agent. Last week, fellow Retroist contributor Brian Boone posted this fun piece about Matt LeBlanc in a ketchup commercial before Friends rocketed him to fame. So, of course the first question I asked myself was, “Matt LeBlanc was on that show The Fanelli […]

It’s That Song…You Know…That Song

So. There’s this Todd Rundgren song. In fact, it’s THIS Todd Rundgren song: But I didn’t always know the title, or that it was even Todd Rundgren. I knew there was this song that at some point said “in my mind” or “in your eyes” or “in my eyes” […]


All Hail the Halloween Queen

I would imagine that this year, we won’t be able to swing a dead cat without hitting someone dressed as Lady GaGa. Personally, I’m thrilled–how often do you get to see a bunch of kids running around wearing gyroscope hats? But when I was a wee lass, the requirement was […]

Tombstone City

Get this. Developer John Plaster gave an interview to 99er magazine in 1982 to talk about his new game Tombstone City (full title Tombstone City: 21st Century).  And in the interview, he reveals the problems that management had with the both the original title (Saguaro City) and some of the […]


So you want to climb a mountain? Oh, I’ll just bet you do. Alpiner is simple in theory. Make it to the top of six mountains and you win. But if only it weren’t for those pesky snakes, trees, fires, skunks, bears, lions, vultures, bat caves, avalanches, and abominable snowmen […]


Press fire to begin. And from there, that’s pretty much all you do. Press fire. And dodge the occasional “alien craft advancing”, “ship attacking” or “asteroid belt.” Re-fuel, then do it all over again in the next level. Easy, right? Well, sort of. Parsec was first introduced in 1982, and […]

TI Invaders

What do you get when you combine Star Wars, The War of the Worlds, Breakout, two-dimensional graphics, and a genius Japanese programmer? One of the most iconic games in all of gaming history, that’s what. In 1978, Japanese game developer Tomohiro Nishikado used movies like Star Wars, Breakout, and The […]