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Soundtrack Spotlight: Pretty in Pink

The Big Three: Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. These were the movies that helped all of us who were in junior high or high school in the ‘80s survive. All three were directed by John Hughes and all three have remained firmly entrenched in our nostalgic […]

The Police are Good – Is Sting Better?

During my sophomore year of high school a friend, Mike, and I had an ongoing argument.  He thought the Police was the best band and I defended REO Speedwagon as being on top. Honestly, we were both speaking in ignorance; neither of us listened to the other band.  I knew […]

In Defense of Journey’s Raised on Radio

Clearly, there are millions of Journey fans out there who have supported the band through both line-up changes and musical style changes. In the late ‘70s, with the addition of Steve Perry on vocals, Journey began an incredible run of top selling albums. Many critics have panned the band for […]

The Outfield is Playing Deep

The biggest struggle with this “Turning 30” series is deciding which albums to discuss.  This problem exists because there were so many great album released in 1985.  When a choice needs to be made I do two things:  first, I check out the Billboard archives and second, I go through […]