Snap Crackle Pop Tunes

Snap Crackle Pop Tunes Rice Krispies 7 Inch Record

In 1983 Rice Krispies ran a promo for a 7 inch record full of their classic jingles, their Snap Crackle Pop Tunes. Getting it was simple, you would cut out UPC codes and send them shipping money and 6-8 weeks later your record would arrive.

I wanted this album, but it was a problematic proposition for me. I can’t remember, but I think you needed more than one UPC code. My family only bought so much breakfast cereal per month, which meant I needed to keep my young brain focused on this reward for multiple months. Which was even harder in 1983, when new cereals would sweep into stores and be gone almost every month.

Somehow I persevered and sent away for the record and was not disappointed. It had all of Snap Crackle Pop best jingles and I pretty much wore the record and my family’s patience out listening to it over and over on the main stereo of our home.

Most of my record collection is gone now, but I was happy to find multiple people’s uploads of the record online.

Listen to the Snap Crackle Pop Tunes Record Online

The album has six track in total. They are:

Side 1:
1. Snap! Crackle! Pop! Rice Krispies
2. Wakin’ Up
3. Snap! Crackle! Pop! Medley

Side 2:
1. Rock & Roll
2. Western
3. New Wave

Side one pretty much captures the history of the Rice Krispies jingles up to the point this record was released. Track 1 is the famous jingle from the 60s and Tracks 2 and 3 represent the 70s and 80s respectively.

The flipside is where this album really shines. It contains genre specific jingles. It is here where I spent most of my time. The new wave track, which I know sounds campy, was all I would listen to for a month straight after getting this album.

If you do not own a copy of the album, but have a record player, it is pretty easy to find a copy online. It is very affordable with copies going for under 5 bucks.

Be aware when shopping around that Rice Krispies also released actual pop songs singles starting in 1984. So read the label carefully when making your purchase.

stay alive

Stay Alive the Board Game

Stay Alive was originally published by Milton Bradley in 1971. The idea of the game is pretty simple. You must “stay alive.” The game consists of a 7×7 grid with random holes and sliders. You place marbles in the sliders in positions that have no holes and then take turns sliding the sliders, hoping that slide your opponent’s marbles into one of the holes.

We had 3 games in my house growing up that two players could play easily. Stay Alive, Stratego and Battleship. Stay Alive was by far the most popular of the three. There was just something satisfying about the tension of the shifting and disappearing marbles. That combined with not needing to be too strategic, made it a perfect game for young people. It also explains why I was into the game much longer than my older sisters.

Another compelling reason to like Stay Alive? This commercials! This one starring Vincent Price is my favorite. Ominous in tone, the commercial is a pitch perfect match for Price and the goal of the game.

Stay Alive the Board Game Commercial with Vincent Price

Another one has a Lord of Flies vibe that is a pretty perfect match for the game as well.

Lord of the Flies Stay Alive Commercial

In 2005, Stay Alive was republished with a smaller board by Winning Moves Games USA. While it was nice to see the game back on the market, I found the smaller size and color scheme of this game reboot off-putting. This version of the game is no longer in production. So if you would like a copy, either 2005 or original recipe, you will need to check out the secondary market.

I encourage you to do so. Let’s face it, sometimes you don’t want to think too much, but still want to play a game. Now you can play a lot of other games, but I doubt they will match the novelty and tension of Stay Alive. Its a simple game, but can be hours of fun for 2-4 people.

You can find it for under $30 (shipping included) on eBay and even cheaper at Flea Markets and Garage Sales.

tina yothers

Tina Yothers sing “Baby I’m Back In Love Again” on Family Ties

Sometimes I find myself singing a song that I cannot for the life of me place. Over the years, I have learned that most of these songs are either jingles from old commercials or phantom songs recorded for TV episodes. Last weekend I found myself singing “Baby I’m Back In Love Again” as sung by Tina Yothers in the “Band on the Run” episode of Family Ties.

It is a peppy little song and Yothers does a pretty good job on it. It sort of has a watered down early Madonna/Go-Gos vibe and while not the most memorable phantom sitcom pop song, it has managed to stick with me for many years.

“Band on the Run” is from the 5th season of Family Ties. In it, Jennifer starts a band and auditions to play at the Leland College Dance. Their band is chosen, and Alex sees it as a money-making proposition and becomes their manager. Naturally Alex has very little talent for managing a “modern” band and wacky hijinks ensue.

It culminates in the band casting off Alex’s notions and performing their song to much acclaim.

Watch Tina Yothers sing “Baby I’m Back In Love Again” on Family Ties

Check out those Mtv style shots! This is not you parent’s episode of Family Ties!

For you eagle-eyed watchers, that is Christina Applegate and Rain Phoenix making cameos as members of the band. Sadly neither of them have much dialogue, but it is interesting to see a pre-Married with Children Applegate. She would land her career making role just a few months after this episode would air.

A longer version of the song got a release, in an attempt to maybe start a pop career for Yothers. Sadly it did not set the world on fire and the song did not get much play. Although, Yothers did go on Solid Gold to perform it (still trying to track that down).

Listen to the full verion of “Baby I’m Back in Love Again” by Tina Yothers

Disneyland garbage can

My favorite Disneyland garbage can

Back before I did the Retroist, I used to blog about Disney. One of my odd passions was for the themed garbage cans in the parks. When I started going to the parks as an adult, you could often find me laying down or crouched in front of a garbage can, snapping photos.

This weekend, I scanned a bunch of old photos and found a drive full of earlier digital photos from my park visits. In that drive was a folder called, “The Best.” What was in it was a couple of photos of an austere, but adorable garbage can that lived in the Photo Supply Co. store on Main Street. These photos had originally been posted on the Disney site I did, along with a gallery of several hundred other shots.

I will spare you the larger gallery, but this fella is so cute and retro enough, that I thought I would share it here.

Gallery of the best garbage can in Disneyland

It has been a while since I have been back to Disneyland. So I was not sure the Photo Supply store was still there, but according to the Disneyland website, it is!

So if you are in the area and like to look at garbage cans, keep an eye out for this slim little gem. It was always kind of tucked to the side, but not hard to spot.


A Merry Retro Christmas 2017

Christmas Eve and it is not quite midnight. So I have time to write this post before Santa should show up. Although, I spent a lot of my time in my youth waiting up till after midnight and could never catch him.

For a guy in an XXXL red suit, he is remarkably crafty.

The tree is still lit and all the presents are wrapped. So this is a nice time to sit and reflect on the holiday season and to compare it to my holidays past.

What I notice is that while some things have changed about Christmas. One thing has not. I still fall into the camp that prefers Christmas Eve to Christmas Day. My Christmas Eves are quite and still. It is all potential.

Every gift still sit ungiven. I have no idea how it will be received. Tomorrow’s meal? It is just a delicious fantasy. I am sure all of these things will all be as wonderful as I hope they will be, but right now, they are all perfect and dreamy.

This moment, before “the show” starts tomorrow, are my favorite moments of the season and they always have been

When I was a kid, I would sneak down to the tree and lay next to it. Staring at the packages under the lights, I would dream about what was inside. Was it a new GI Joe? Socks? Only the elusive Santa or my parents knew.

Now, I know what is under that tree. I am just waiting to see it all opened and hope that it makes the receiver happy. So I lounge on the couch fantasizing about that, dreaming of perfect Christmases, and swimming in the spirit of a holiday season that is almost over.

It is not a moment I would trade for even the most perfect item on my wishlist. This quiet time is the perfect present.

So I hope everyone out there is enjoying themselves and I hope you are taking time to appreciate what makes you happy. Whatever that may be.

Merry Christmas.