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Retroist Contributor & Ass't Editor I like to look back at our collectively-shared Pop Culture history and write about it, but mostly I try to buy it all back off eBay.

A Mysterious Don Knotts Double-Feature

Have you heard the Retroist podcast episode on the 1980 comedy film, The Private Eyes, yet? Hopefully it has made you want to seek this movie out and view it. Afterall who wouldn’t want to see Don Knotts and Tim Conway bumbling their way through a spoof of the classic […]

Did you go as the PUSHMI-PULLYU for Halloween?

What’s a Pushmi-Pullyu, you ask? It is none other than the fabled double-headed llama from the 1967 musical motion picture DOCTOR DOLITTLE. Who is Doctor Dolittle, you ask further? Take a moment to watch this one minute trailer for the 1967 musical motion picture starring Rex Harrison in the title […]

Did you go as TV’s FANGFACE for Halloween?

In 1978, you could have gone trick or treating in this Collegeville Halloween costume as the title character from the Ruby-Spears Productions cartoon, FANGFACE. FANGFACE premiered in the ABC network’s 1978 Fall Saturday morning lineup. Fangface is the moon-induced alter-ego of Sherman “Fangs” Fangsworth, a tall, lean, awkward teen who reluctantly […]