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Full blown child of the 70's and 80's...

Vanilla Puddin’ Pie Power

Oh the things we eat as kids… I loved these Ninja Turtle pies, they were huge pudding pies with a green crust, and no hiding it when you had been eating one, your teeth would glow radioactive green. Nothing was better than the heroes on the half shell baking pies […]

Doritos knows Jack….and Jay

I remember these.. They were Doritos with a Monterey Jack flavor. The chips themselves were good, but who could resist trying them after seeing Jay Leno leaning on a brick wall wanting to know what you thought about them… We are not talking brain cells here, we are talking taste […]

Toughskins and Super Denims

Sears and JCPenney were two of the main retailers that I remember pushing jeans. Sears had the Toughskins line, and JCPenney had the Super Denims. Sears Toughskins were sold with the guarantee that the children would grow out of them before the pants wore out (great news for the younger […]

Pepsi goes Plastic

I personally have always preferred Coke products, but I have to hand it to Pepsi, they introduced the first plastic two-liter soft drink bottle in 1970. Up until then, you were lugging heavy glass two liter bottles around. I know if my Mom drove like this, I would have gone […]

Heinz Ketchup Memories

My Mom only bought Heinz ketchup, and today, that is the only ketchup, not catsup, that is allowed in my house. Hey, I will go house brand on a lot of things, but ketchup is not one of them. In school, back in the day of shoestring fries and rectangular […]

Jazzy McDLT

We all know the deal, a huge container made out of Styrofoam, to keep the hot side hot, and the cool side cool. The package was unwieldy, why would I want to buy a burger and have to assemble it myself, and when McDonald’s started moving away from Styrofoam, the […]