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Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

David Copperfield TV Specials

I know we’re all thinking about Christmas TV specials right now. Those of us who have stopped thinking about Halloween Christmas specials are, anyway. But there were other specials on TV besides the Christmas and Halloween ones. There were also the non-holiday-related David Copperfield TV specials. I don’t know how […]

More Tim-Mee Recasts

We’ve talked a lot about Tim-Mee plastic figures on Recently, I got my hands on some new Tim-Mee recasts. The first thing I got was two bags of Galaxy Laser Team figures. I had received a bag of these figures before, but they were black and gray. These new […]

The Book of Halloween

Many books have been written about Halloween. The first of these books was called The Book of Halloween by Ruth Edna Kelley. Kelley, a librarian, originally published this book in 1919. In it, she first tries to give an account of the origin of Halloween and then a catalog of […]


Think Reagan ended the Cold War? Or maybe Rocky IV? Perhaps they did. But Russkies certainly helped finish it off. Russkies is a 1987 film about three boys in Florida (including Peter Billingsley and Joachin “Leaf” Phoenix) who find a stranded Russian sailor named Mischa. I was faintly aware of […]

Mattel Hot Look Sunglasses

Few things were as cool and essential in the 80s as sunglasses, and few sunglasses were as cool and essential as the Hot Look line of sunglasses by Mattel. Hot Looks sunglasses had “radical” lenses and arms that could be interchanged with other, equally “radical” lenses and arms. How radical […]