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Kate Voss is a freelance entertainment blogger living in the Windy City. She is an MSU alum with a love for creative writing, reading and restoring antique furniture.

The Top 5 Worst 80s Reboots

There is concrete evidence that Hollywood can’t produce decent remakes. This deters precisely no-one from remaking stuff. After all, remakes save studio executives and writers the ultimate discomfort of having to use their own minds, and for another thing: the marquee value of a familiar franchise is usually enough to […]

Lite Brite will Never Get Old

They say everything old is new again, and in the case of Lite Brite, it seems to be true. This retro toy is back, although with a few changes. Nowadays, you can create a custom digital template at the Hasbro web site and print it at home. The new device […]