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Yukon 5 Cinema

Yukon 5 Cinema: Closed

It seems like “Yukon 5 Cinema” changes names every few years. It was “Yukon Movies 5” for a while and the “Silver Cinema Movies 5” before that, but to me and everyone who grew up in Yukon, Oklahoma it was simply known as the “dollar movies,” despite the fact that […]

Nursery School’s “Sweepstakes”

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been converting all my old cassette tapes into mp3s. Most of the songs contained on those tapes are top 40 hits from the 80s we’ve all heard a million times. Occasionally, I run across a lessor known song. This is one of those. “Sweepstakes” […]

AEIOU Sometimes Y by Ebn Ozn

A couple of weekends ago I ran across a big box of old cassette tapes in my garage. Last year I converted some of them to mp3 format but not all of them, so after connecting an old Kenwood cassette deck to my computer last week, I decided to finish […]

Nirvana’s Lithium Cassette Single

In the 1980s the music industry migrated away from vinyl toward cassettes, which caused 45 records to be replaced with cassette singles. Like 45s, cassette singles usually contained two or three songs, with one of the songs being a radio single and the other(s) being something not on the album […]

Ninja Magazine

I’ve posted previously about how I spent much of the 80s infatuated with ninjas. I’ve written about my collection of ninja VHS movies and one of my favorite ninja books and even recorded an entire podcast episode about ninjas. I was really into ninjas. Out in my garage recently I […]