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Allison is a Secretary by day, a writer/blogger by night (and during lunch breaks and in the mornings before work), a nostalgia geek (and a geek in general), worshipper of Thor (and Chris Hemsworth), and honorary Avenger (she has a pin, so it is official). She collects Funko Pops, loves anything that takes her back to childhood, and has confessed her love for Kenny Loggins. Oh, and she listens to Chicago...alot. If any of this piques your interest, she'd love for you to visit her personal blog, Allison's Written Words, where she talks about alot of the same stuff she talks about here, and more! She can be found at You can follow her blog on Facebook (, Instagram @allisonswrittenwords, and on Twitter @AllisonGeeksOut. (Her fiancee is supportive of the whole Chris Hemsworth and Kenny Loggins love thing.)

The Sheer Look Is Here

In the simpler times of advertising, commercials were less about actual product placement, and more about how promotion could be turned into a production. The commercials didn’t shove their brands in your face or scream at you; rather, they were subtle about the exact brand they were advertising, and more […]