Retro Radio Memories Ep. 101 – The Coward

Retro Radio Memories Ep. 101 – The Coward

For this Retro Radio Memories episode we are still taking a little break from the types of Old Time Radio Show that focus on horror and crime fighters. On this show we are taking a listen to a wonderful western series that originally aired on NBC in 1953 – The Six Shooter with an episode entitled The Coward. The greatest part of all is it features none other than James “Jimmy” Stewart in the main role of Britt Ponset the titular Six Shooter. This short-lived radio program as I point out in the episode itself has some minor similarities to the popular Maverick television series that would air beginning in 1957.

Stewart’s character of Britt Ponset is a loner, a wanderer – who appears to be more at ease with his own thoughts than in town. Not that he doesn’t make friends or is less than courteous around others as The Coward proves. In the episode, Britt is confronted with a conundrum – as he stops at Temple City – he manages to spot someone he used to know, a man by the name of Will Techman. The mystery comes about when he is chatting with the hotel clerk who paints an entirely different picture of Will than Britt remembers as well as the fact… why is his last name Fetter now?

Seriously, this show – which was created by Frank Burt, really is a prime example of why Old Time Radio was so popular even with movies and television being so predominate. It also reminds us that the radio drama could still be a viable form of entertainment – as long as they were as well written as The Six Shooter.


So dim the lights if you are able and travel with us and The Six Shooter as we learn all about The Coward!

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