Retro Radio Memories Ep. 100 – Raleigh Cigarette Program (Red Skelton)

Retro Radio Memories Ep. 100 – Raleigh Cigarette Program (Red Skelton)

Friends, it is almost impossible to believe but this marks the 100th episode of the Retro Radio Memories podcast. I decided to take a break from the genre of crime fighters and horror to focus instead on the lighter side of Old Time Radio – in this case we have Red Skelton acting as host of the Raleigh Cigarette Program. This episode which is entitled Neighborhood Theater was originally broadcast by NBC affiliates on March 5th of 1946. This was Skelton’s second radio show – on his first show he took over for country musician Red Foley – that was NBC’s Avalon Time in 1938. When 1941 rolled around, Skelton was again given the host position for the Raleigh Cigarette Program – which after World War II would be also known as the Red Skelton Show. It was during these early years that Red Skelton would create two of his most popular characters – the rather dimwitted Clem Kadiddlehopper in addition to the “Mean Widdle Kid” aka Junior. This second character would in fact have a catchphrase that caught on – even appearing in headlines reporting that General James Harold Doolittle bombed Tokyo in 1942!

In this 100th episode of the podcast I give a little of how else Skelton’s character of Junior influenced the second World War. In addition I point out what could have been a lawsuit against voice actor Bill Scott – as a certain animated moose shares a similiar sounding voice with the character of Clem Kadiddlehopper.

Besides the comedy of Red Skelton, this particular Raleigh Cigarette Program features the beautiful singing of Anita Ellis, who performs Don’t You Remember Me? as well as David Forrester and his Orchestra.

So dim the lights if you are able and join us for Retro Radio Memories Podcast as we laugh to Red Skelton’s antics on the Raleigh Cigarette Program!

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