Retro Radio Memories EP. 098 – The Creeper

Retro Radio Memories EP. 098 – The Creeper

Once again we are sticking with The Shadow Old Time Radio Show – continuing a marathon that was graciously requested by Between the Pages. This time we are sharing The Creeper which was originally broadcast back on May 29th of 1938. Just as with our show from last week, The Mark of the Bat – this classic radio offering features Margot Stevenson as Margo Lane with Orson Welles playing the role of the Shadow in addition to his bemused playboy role of Lamont Cranston. When I realized The Creeper was this week’s episode I couldn’t help but wonder what a radio drama focusing on the character that Steve Ditko created would have sounded like – I mention it in the podcast itself but I think the Creeper should have had his own radio series.

Also in this show, I share my thoughts on what personally makes the character of Margo Lane stand out for me. Which – in a nutshell – is that while she does find herself thrust into some extremely dangerous situations she does NOT come across like the typical damsel in distress of the day. They might indeed share the same last name but Margo – or Margot as she was named in some of the earlier radio shows – is a far cry from the likes of Lois Lane.

In The Creeper, Margo is shocked to learn that an old friend of hers named Edith Day has been abducted from her home. This is doubly curious as the doors and windows were firmly sealed and a night watchman by the name of Callihan checks the doors of the buildings every hour… and yet… someone was able to sneak in past the armed security devices and made away with Edith with no one being wiser until the morning.

That is until the Shadow realizes that multiple kidnappings have occurred in that neighborhood – one that requires the bane of evil doers to once again go on a deadly hunt – causing criminals everywhere to try and put on a brave face when they realize they are being hunted by the invisible avenger.

So dim your lights if you are able and join us on Retro Radio Memories as we uncover the mystery behind…The Creeper

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