Star Wars By The Kid Stuff Repertory Company (KS008)

Star Wars By The Kid Stuff Repertory Company (KS008)

Star Wars by the Kid Stuff Repertory Company was released back in 1978 and given the designation of KS008. Obviously since that little known movie we know as Star Wars debuted on May 25th of 1977… and to be fair did fair-to-middling or a maybe a little better at the box office – there were numerous examples of unofficial tie-in merchandise. In the case of that stirring score by John Williams for George Lucas’ science fiction space opera – there were many covers of the Main Title from that film. Off the top of my head the big one that comes to mind is the groovy 1977 album entitled Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk by Meco – many memories of listening to tracks from that album while whiling away the afternoon at the local skating rink!

Star Wars by the Kid Stuff Repertory Company has a cover of the Main theme from Star Wars on the A side with the remainder of that side as well as the B side featuring Jack and the Flying Saucer. As with much of the offerings from the Kid Stuff Records label as I’ve pointed out before – it’s something of an enigma that fails to reveal itself. Who were the children that made up said repertory company? Did they use the same cast over the years or was the selection for individual records, etc? Sadly we don’t know the answer to those questions or even who worked on the mixing and recording for the albums themselves – at least not all of them.

At least I did discover a couple of articles back that artist for some of the early Kid Stuff Records album covers was Bill Gow. He apparently did work for Peter Pan Records too – especially there Marvel Comics releases with Spider-Man and other characters!

Gow was responsible for the artwork on Star Wars by the Kid Stuff Repertory Company as well – which you can see from the image for this article features Jack and his Mother, happy to be blasting through space in a rocket. With two robots that vaguely resemble C-3P0 and R2-D2 waving as they fly past them in the lower right hand corner. I can assure that those two robots are not featured in the story of Jack and the Flying Saucer but I did find out something pretty darn interesting – it looks like it’s none other than Shadoe Stevens who might have been the narrator for this story!

As you can no doubt guess, the story is a play on the more familiar Jack and the Beanstalk tale. In this case Jack lives upon the planet of Boom Boom, which we are told is smaller than the Planet Earth. Everything upon the planet Boom Boom is extremely loud – and it possesses two moons that can communicate, arguing with each other in a bizarre language. Basically it’s an excuse for the record to play numerous tones and electronic sounds -in this updated tale, Jack and his Mother are able to scrape out a living by collecting the Stuff ’em left behind by their intergalactic pink worm. Until it stops producing the stuff they use to sell as earplugs – remember the planet is extremely noisy – which prompts Jack’s Mother to decide they need to sell off the worm. Instead of a handful of magic beans for the worm, Jack received a saucer – as in a saucer plate. His Mother is angered and throws it away and wouldn’t you know it, as the old man who traded the plate for their worm mentioned – if you throw it just right it becomes an actual flying saucer. Which is how Jack ends up leaving the planet of Boom Boom and traveling to the far quieter jungle planet of Shhhh – and coming across the likes of a space monster that sounds an awful lot like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Here is the best news of all – for the first time since I’ve started these Kid Stuff Records articles… YOU can actually listen to the very record itself – thanks to the Children’s Records YouTube page!


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