Retro Radio Memories Ep. 095 – The Biggest Catch

Retro Radio Memories Ep. 095 – The Biggest Catch

For our latest Retro Radio Memories offering we have once again decided to steer clear of the horror or supernatural genre of Old Time Radio – instead sharing an episode of The Big Story – which specialized in real-life crime stories. You might think with a title like The Biggest Catch this radio series featured sports related fishing tales and I suppose it does but this is about catching crooks instead of fish. The Big Story was a pretty popular radio show that was aired on NBC affiliate stations, popular enough I might add that it was adapted into a television series that had a whole slew of celebrities in guest star roles.

As I mention in the show itself, The Big Story was a rather popular radio show. In total it ran from 1947 until 1955, eight years is a good amount of time for a weekly radio series. It was Producer Barnard J. Prockter that came up with the idea of a true crime series, this was after he had read about an innocent man who was imprisoned being granted freedom, thanks to the hard work of two journalists from Chicago. Just like in The Biggest Catch each episode of the radio series was focused on reporters who had brushes with true crime events. It appears that the standard format for the show also included an interview with the actual reporter whose story was featured in the episode – although in our offering today it is courtesy of an telegram, the wrap-up of the events.

In The Biggest Catch we hear the story of a young man named Don Morrissey, who was a cub reporter for Wisconsin’s Elk Horn Independent at the time of the event. Young Morrissey after feeling out his Editor on securing a permanent position at the paper – is told that he’ll have to work for it, prove his worth like everyone else with a big story. What Don doesn’t realize however is that what possibly might be the biggest story of his life is just around the corner.

So thrill to some real-life crime in The Biggest Catch as you join us for Retro Radio Memories!

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