Retro Radio Memories Ep. 094 – Archie Wants To Get Married

Retro Radio Memories Ep. 094 – Archie Wants To Get Married

For our latest offering on Retro Radio Memories we are taking a small break from the usual horror and adventure genres. Today we will be listening to an episode of the popular NBC situational comedy known as Duffy’s Tavern entitled Archie Wants To Get Married – which was originally broadcast on June 15th, 1949. If this happens to be your first time listening to Duffy’s Tavern it revolves around Archie, the manager of the establishment and played by Ed Gardner. In addition on the show, Archie is surrounded by a cast of characters played by the likes of Eddie Green, Sid Raymond, and at least in the early years – Shirley Booth – Gardner’s real-life Wife at the time, although most will remember her from the Hazel, where she played the titular character for five seasons. In addition on Duffy’s Tavern, Gardner was co-creator and co-writer on the show which ran from 1941 until 1951.

In Archie Wants To Get Married we find that it appears the Malaprop spouting manager has managed to find his one true love – a young Woman named Gwendolyn – who I have to add that he has been acquainted with for a mere 24 hours. In an attempt to woo her he is hoping that a visitor to the tavern might be of some assistance. You see, Duffy’s Tavern also had a slew of guest stars – in the case of this episode it is Bob Crosby – the successful singer and band leader. With Crosby doing the crooning, Archie is positive that Gwendolyn will be swayed to accept his proposal of marriage. Of course this is a situational comedy radio show so you can be assured that things will not go quite as Archie has planned.

So prepare to have your funny bone tickled and dim the lights if you are able – let us take a visit to Duffy’s Tavern on Retro Radio Memories.

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