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The Story Of Pinocchio And Songs I Like To Sing (KS006)

When I chose to focus on the Kid Stuff Records label it was due to the simple fact that I have some fond memories of many of their records from my youth. As I’ve hinted at in the previous entries – it is somewhat astounding how little information there is on not just the company itself but there earliest releases. Discogs has been a big help in at least giving us a little to go – such as The Story of Pinocchio And Songs I Like To Sing having a catalog designation of KS-006 and being released in 1977 – furthermore even Amazon has been a boon in filling in some missing information. Perhaps the most helpful information I’ve found is there is an article on the Internet Archive that has helped shed some light on the Kid Stuff Records label catalog – such as after the initial release of Bob McAllister related records – former Disney employees took over. That Archive article by “Teary Eyes” Anderson states:

“The second track, that can be found of the company, is that of Disneyland Records, Sales manager, Irv Schwartz, and Jerry Wieiner leaving Disney, and working with I.J.E. Inc. to produce children’s audio stories. This version of “Kid Stuff Records”, had a new logo and distributor, but it is unclear if the name of the company was bought, or if the company closed, and another totally new company was created.”

So I think you can see how this all begins to become something of a headache in attempting to research the early history of the Kid Stuff Records label. Although as I already pointed out – Amazon has been a help – in this case with an actual catalog listing on the back of the Sea Songs album which judging by it’s catalog number was released in 1978. We can plainly see that there was a definite focus on fairy tales and and Holiday albums as well as the catalog numbers for the individual albums.

I would love to share with you the songs and background information for the likes of The Three Pigs, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella but as I’ve already mentioned there just isn’t a lot to go on besides offering you this album cover from Discogs for Alice in Wonderland.

The Story of Pinocchio and the Songs I like to Sing - Alice in Wonderland - Kid Stuff Records - Discogs

The Story Of Pinocchio And Songs I Like To Sing was performed by the Kid Stuff Children Repertory Company – like many of the label’s early releases. As you can see it sports a rather Disney looking illustrated album cover – in addition it does contain the track The Story of Pinocchio however the rest of the album’s offerings are song related:

  • The Hokey Pokey
  • Sweetly Sings The Donkey
  • Mr. Frog Went A Courtin’
  • Have You Ever Seen The Ghost Of John

Interestingly enough I have some personal history with The Story Of Pinocchio And Songs I Like To Sing – as in grade school for a pageant – Mr. Frog Went A Courtin’ was chosen by our class to be the song we performed. This very album which was originally released in 1977 was the record we listened to over and over and over so we had the lyrics memorized. In a twist, I was chosen to play the lead – none other than Mr. Frog… and sing in front of the whole school – my face was painted green and I wore a suit with white gloves and our teacher even created ‘frog feet’ out of construction paper to go over my shoes. Two days before the performance there would be one more twist to this story – we were goofing off when I started singing the tune to the theme of the main title for Star Wars. Our teacher decided then and there that is how we would perform the song and it was honestly a hit – not because of my playing the lead – but because we were the only class to somehow manage to tie Star Wars into our production!

In closing, the silver lining of tackling the Kid Stuff Record label is there are thankfully some amazing releases down the line – even more than a few that I can actually let you listen to and enjoy for yourself.


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