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Kids Are People Too! (KS-1002 1971)

Kids Are People Too! featuring Bob McAllister from Wonderama was the second release on the Kid Stuff Records label – designated KS-1002 and released in 1971. Now considering that the first album was released in 1975 you might be wondering how this is possible – the answer is that Kids Are People Too! was a rerelease of an earlier album pressing, one tied into McAllister’s popular children program Wonderama.

To complicate matters is that Kids Are People Too! was also released on the Roulette Record label around 1975 – shortly after Oh Gee! It’s Great To Be A Kid.

Wonderama was an incredibly popular children’s television show that originated on Metromedia owned TV stations, running from 1955 until 1977, with Bob McAllister acting as host from 1967 until 1977. The various segments that could be seen on the show included cartoon shorts, interviews, musical acts, as well as audience participation games. Thanks to Wikipedia I found a list of some of the ‘parting gifts’ that might be handed out at tapings of the show and they are actually quite amazing:

  • A 6-pack of RC Cola
  • A box of Twinkies
  • A pack of Fruit Stripe gum
  • Harvey Comics comic books
  • Nandy Candy Goo Goo cluster candy bar
  • Good Humor ice cream
  • Hold! cough lozenges
  • A package of Lender’s bagelettes – including a necklace made from a shellacked bagelette which featured a child’s initial painted on it
  • A Lactona tooth brush
  • A 45RPM of the various musical acts that might have appeared during the taping of that particular show
  • An issue of Dynamite or Golden magazine
  • Or even a gift certificate for McDonald’s or Burger King
Bob McAllister interviewing Jim Henson
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At the end of every Wonderama episode, McAllister would sing a closing song, Kids are People Too! of course. Ten songs were selected for the album and at least two appear to be for characters that McAllister performed on Wonderama such as The Crazy Magician and Professor Fingleheimer.

  • Kids Are People Too!
  • Fingleheimer Stomp
  • I Wish, I Wish (The Animal Song)
  • Exercise
  • Abracadabra
  • Heavy, Heavy
  • (Have You Heard Any) Good News
  • The No, No Song (Eh-Eh-Eh)
  • The Make-Up Song
  • Ecology

I will point out that both releases of Kids Are People Too! feature the exact same songs. I thought I should finish this article on the second Kid Stuff Records release with the titular song from the 1975 album release by Roulette Records.


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