Oh Gee! It's Great To Be A Kid - Bob McAllister - 1975

Oh Gee! It’s Great To Be A Kid (KS-1001 1975)

The label known as Kid Stuff Records got it’s start in 1975, with the founding trio of Bob McAllister, Artie Kaplan, and Dick Mullen. The first three LP’s on the Kid Stuff label included three albums worth of songs by television show host Bob McAllister of Wonderama fame and later Kids Are People Too. The latter actually being named after the closing song that McAllister performed at the end of the Wonderama television show. The first release by Kid Stuff Records was 1975’s Oh Gee! It’s Great To Be A Kid which was designated KS-1001 and was distributed by A.A./Wonderland – a label that itself had been producing children’s records since 1950.

Courtesy of RECORD WORLD – December 25th, 1977

While Artie Kaplan is an accomplished singer and songwriter, he is probably best known for his saxophone work – which has been said to have been featured in over 150 songs that managed to reach the Top 10 charts. A few of those include 1962’s Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Neil Sedaka, The Loco-motion by Little Eva, as well as 1974’s Mandy. As a news brief from the March 5th, 1977 issue of the industry magazine Record World points out – on the Oh Gee! It’s Great To Be A Kid album Kaplan co-wrote the music with McAllister.

“New York – One of the most respected labels in the children’s record field, A.A./Wonderland Records, recently joined forces with top TV personality Bob McAllister, host of Wonderama, who has formed his own label, Kid Stuff Records. “Oh Gee! It’s Great To Be A Kid” by McAllister is the first album to be released under the exclusive, long-term agreement signed in November, 1976 by marketing vice president Bob Goemann, representing A.A./Wonderland, and Kid Stuff executives McAllister, Kaplan and Dick Mullen. Personal Appearances in record stores and shopping centers by Bob McAllister have spurred sales of the LP. “Oh Gee! It’s Great To Be A Kid” features orginial material written by McAllister and music business veteran Artie Kaplan, as well as “Harmony,” the song that will be the theme of this year’s Music Educators National Conference and “Music In Our Schools Week.””

Sadly my research into Dick Mullen has proved to be quite a bit more difficult as I quite frankly couldn’t pin down what role Mullen served. I have found a Richard Mullen who is an accomplished sound engineer… but quite frankly the online images do not match up with the photograph from Record World so I am quite stumped to say the least. Thanks to the all-knowing Discogs site however I can tell you that 10 songs included on Oh Gee! It’s Great To Be A Kid were:

1) Hello…Hello

2) Can You Kazoo

3) The Magic Man

4) Invisible String

5) Double Dutch

6) Oh Gee! It’s Great To Be A Kid

7) My Best Pal

8) I’m Somebody

9) Pantomime

10) Harmony

I’m afraid that YouTube has failed us in being able to share the actual 1975 album Oh Gee! It’s Great To Be A Kid although we can listen to the cover by Artie Kaplan from his 2001 album Fun Time For Kids.


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