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Brett Weiss’ The SNES Omnibus Volume Two (Review)

Friends, you might recall back in September of 2018 I was fortunate enough to share my review of Brett Weiss’ mighty tome – The SNES Omnibus Volume One. Within those 416 pages was a comprehensive look at the myriad Super Nintendo games that were released back in the day that we gamers spent long afternoons, evenings and weekends playing. Although it has to be pointed out that Brett put together such a vast book on SNES Games, Schiffer Publishing wisely decided it needed to be split into two volumes. The first book covered the Super Nintendo games A to M with this latest volume tackling N through Z – shining the spotlight on over 375 games released in the US. Just like with the first book, The SNES Omnibus Volume Two provides a detailed review on each of the games as well as scores of color photos throughout in addition to Insider Insight and even vintage gaming advertisements.

I feel as I did in the first review, I have to remind you that Brett Weiss is an occasional Author on the Retroist. But I wouldn’t let that color my thoughts on The SNES Omnibus Volume Two in any way – if it turned out I didn’t care for the book… quite frankly I just wouldn’t share the review. Schiffer Publishing was kind enough to send me a digital review copy this go around and I’m happy to say this volume is just as awesome as the first. Although it had far more games that I somehow had missed back in the day – where was I when the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy was released? In my youth we had a number of mom and pop video stores as well as local chains – between the two it seemed like we also had a pretty wide selection of games to pick from. I certainly never recall seeing that particular game though or Newman-Haas Indy Car featuring Nigel Mansell or Operation: Logic Bomb?

In complete honesty two of my favorite elements from Brett’s SNES Omnibus‘s is the Insider Insight which features personal stories on the game in question by all manner of folks. Luminaries in the video game business like game journalists, YouTube superstars, video game store owners, and even programmers take us back to those glory days of the Super Nintendo with their stories… or remind us that movie tie-in games were generally pretty bad. The other element of the SNES Omnibus series I enjoy is tied to those games I didn’t have the pleasure of playing in my youth – after reading Brett’s reviews of the games, I’ve been able to track a few of them down locally and had a chance to play them at the arcade.

As you might be able to guess, in The SNES Omnibus Volume Two there are some absolutely classic games – like the NBA Jam series, Pac-Attack, Rock N’ Roll Racing, Secret of Mana, Star Fox, the Street Fighter II series, Super Bomberman, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghost, Super Metroid, the Super Star Wars series, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors to name a few. Heck – since you can tell a lot of SNES games had Super in their title – you better believe the Super Mario games have been given plenty of coverage too.

The SNES Omnibus Volume Two will be released at the end of April but it looks like over on Brett Weiss’ site you can order it right this minute directly from his spot on the internet! If you are ready for a satisfying dose of nostalgic gaming history you can’t go wrong with Brett’s latest book – while you are waiting for your copy to arrive, why not check out some of the games you can find in the tome?


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