The Word Processor of the Gods - 1984 - Tales from the Darkside

Saturday Frights: The Word Processor Of The Gods

Friends, I was just finishing up my work down here in the Vault before heading down to attend the Tales from the Darkside marathon that the Projectionist has put together. The Retroist had everyone vote for their top five favorite episodes of that early 80’s horror anthology show – so today we will get a chance to watch Inside The Closet, The Circus, Halloween Candy, The Odds, A Case of the Stubborns, and The Word Processor of the Gods. Rockford Jay and myself were talking about this marathon over lunch earlier today and we both kind of commented on the fact we felt bad that not everyone would be able to attend the screening. Thankfully the internet has come to our rescue and you can at least watch 1984’s The Word Processor of the Gods at your leisure.

I’m sure most of you are quite aware that this eighth episode from season one of Tales from the Darkside is an adaptation of the 1983 short story Word Processor of the Gods. The first time I had the pleasure of reading the story was thanks to the 1985 collection of short stories by King entitled Skeleton Crew, although the first publication of the tale was in the pages of Playboy magazine. As we’ve pointed out in some of the Saturday Frights podcasts – the whole reason that the syndicated Tales from the Darkside series came about was thanks to the success of 1982’s Creepshow, the problem was that Warner Bros. owned some of the rights to that film. So George Romero, Richard P. Rubenstein, and Jerry Golod decided the best route was to create something they solely owned – so the Creepshow TV series idea was altered to the horror anthology show we still talk about today.

The Word Processor of the Gods stars Bruce Davison (Willard, The Legend of Korra) as Richard Hagstrom – an aspiring writer who has found himself in a life situation that appears to be pretty nightmarish. He is verbally abused by his Wife and has a slovenly Son who refuses to accept even the slightest hint of discipline – worst of all, tragedy has befallen Richard lately as his Brother and his Wife and Son have perished in an accident. We learn that Richard’s Brother was prone to drink and drove his van and his Family off a cliff – driving while intoxicated. It seems that Richard’s Nephew however built his Uncle something unique – a cobbled together word processor… that affects reality.

So grab your favorite snack and beverage and turn down the lights if you are able and join us on Saturday Frights for The Word Processor of the Gods!


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