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Ever See Topps 1992 Gruesome Greetings Cards?

Friends, I am betting there is a better than average chance you are quite familiar with the 80’s sensation that was Garbage Pail Kids, those twisted and hilarious versions of the Cabbage Patch Kids. Although having said that it isn’t like the popularity of those gross-out characters has diminished much since their debut back in 1985. However did you know that Topps managed to up the ante even more when in 1992 they produced a series of 44 greeting cards – these are the same twisted minds that gave us Wacky Packages though… so prepare to see the Gruesome Greetings Cards that were unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

While I have no evidence to prove this – considering the stink that Garbage Pail Kids created when they became so popular, Gruesome Greetings Cards must have really driven various parent and religious groups up the wall. I said stink for a reason as it appears that 14 of the cards just so happened to be scratch and sniff versions – because what is more gruesome than a greeting card explaining that you’ve arrived back to find your pets have expired, right?

It get worse when you add a scratch and sniff element to the illustrations of those deceased animals – all done with tongue firmly planted in cheek of course.


For what it might be worth, I have zero recollection of Topps Gruesome Greetings Cards, perhaps they weren’t carried at the gas stations and convient stores in my neck of the woods? I first had the pleasure and possibly a little shock at looking over a handful of them just the other day – a Player at the arcade was kind enough to donate a good 20 of them to us. I spent the next couple of minutes chuckling at the dark humor of each new card… and I will admit that I wasn’t brave enough to try those scratch and sniff elements. Of the few I am sharing with you all below in the gallery – my favorites have to be the invitation to a dance and declaration of love… sort of.

So what about you, friends? Do you recall seeing Topps Gruesome Greetings Cards back in the day?


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