Chill…Adventures Into The Unknown

Chill…Adventures Into The Unknown

Welcome back kiddies – your on duty physician Dr. Clown is making his rounds once again, happily bringing you joy and mayhem. Today I want to discuss a tabletop role playing game released in 1984 by the company Pacesetter named Chill.

A Frightfully Fun Role playing Game

Chill centers around either present day or early 1900’s era adventures of an organization named S.A.V.E. (Societas Argenti Viae Eternitata) or the Silver Way. Originally this was the White Way but later changed by Mayfair Games. You were an investigator attempting to solve supernatural crimes and events.

The horror……the horror…

A number of modules and help aids were released until Pacesetter closed in 1986 and Chill was purchased by Mayfair Games whose 2nd edition came to be in 1991. I am only now looking through this iteration of the game as the 90s cover of the game did not appeal to me at the time. The Chill IP has changed hands through the years and a new version was released and sold by Growling Door until they ceased operation of January of this year.

3rd edition. Better get it quick cost is rising

I for one kiddies did not partake of other horror RPGs such as Call of Cthulhu but I can attest that for a good old school gaming session reminiscent of the best Lee and Cushing could muster in their Hammer films – look no further than Chill. Whether you choose the classic line or one of the newer iterations a night of horror can be had by all. I must now go as my recent balloon animals have broken out of their cage and are terrorizing the patients here. Until next time… try to enjoy the daylight.

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