Saturday Frights: The Summer House

Saturday Frights: The Summer House

Welcome back, friends – to a new installment of Saturday Frights! Things down here in the Vault have been relatively quiet so I’ve had the rare opportunity to catch up listening to some of my favorite podcasts. While you obviously already know the Retroist released a brand new show earlier this week covering the 1980 comedy classic The Private Eyes – you might not be aware of my love of an entirely different podcast known as The Ghastly Tales. Founded by Michael Whitehouse who is an author, independent filmmaker, and host to the quite wonderful The Ghastly Tales show – which he began way back in 2012 by way of YouTube before throwing his hat into the podcasting ring. Whitehouse’s podcast features all manner of creepypasta as well as original horror stories and even adaptations of the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and even M.R. James. Hailing from Glasgow, Michael is a perfect host – regaling us with wicked tales and shorts beside a crackling fireplace – just like with the story tonight – a delightful story entitled The Summer House.

Image courtesy of Michael Whitehouse’s Facebook Page.

The Summer House is a creepypasta story originally written by The Claverhouse Emails – first published on January 22nd of 2014. However it has a delicious vibe like that of 1980’s The Changeling or the types of stories told by the members of the Chowder Society from 1981’s Ghost Story. A slow burn of a tale just a little over 12 minutes in length but I’m pretty sure that by the end of it you’ll feel the hairs on the back of your neck standing up – at least that is how I felt after Michael finished The Ghastly Tale.

In The Summer House our narrator describes his life, living in a Summer house – a place that he mentions is pleasant with it’s sunlight streaming through the windows and his view of the gardens. The problem is the narrator is also quick to point out that he believes the rest of the house is quite haunted – filled with dark secrets that he can’t quite comprehend but affects his sleep. The narrator also appears to be an invalid and never leaves the Summer house… due to his condition, he’s not sure what it’s called but he does reveal that when he happens to catch a glimpse of himself he can’t bear to look on his own image.

Now that you know a little of the synopsis for The Summer House – turn down the lights if you are able and join Michael Whitehouse by the fire for a nice offering of Ghastly Tales – assuming of course that you want some Saturday Frights.


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