1983 Pac-Man Vitamins Commercial With Fred Savage

1983 Pac-Man Vitamins Commercial With Fred Savage

Friends, I think it’s safe to say that many of us can fondly recall the likes of Flintstones vitamins from when we were kids – heck, it’s still being produced by Bayer. But do you remember that even Pac-Man got into the multivitamin game? Which considering he is a character that ingests power pellets to become stronger – it really made a whole lot of sense. Interestingly enough the Pac-Man vitamins came in two different versions – one for children over four years of age and then a preschool offering. I say this not because I somehow remembered this vividly but I was lucky enough to come across an original standee for Pac-Man vitamins that pretty clearly states that fact!

In my youth I was most certainly proud to call myself a Flinstone’s Kid – but as I’ve shared in the Diary podcasts and on this site, the video game craze bit me early and hard. So when I learned there were Pac-Man vitamins you can bet your bottom dollar that I was constantly planting the suggestion in my Father’s ear. The kicker is we couldn’t find any on the shelves of our local stores at the time – there were plenty of the Flinstone variety – but I was bound and determined to get my hands on the Pac-Man multivitamins. In the end it wasn’t located at any of our local Wal-Mart or grocery stores but through a local drug store. I believe that Pac-Man vitamins hit the market in 1983 which means the Pac-Man animated series had already been going strong for nearly a year. Which is why when I ate a vitamin every morning I puffed up my chest and flexed my muscles and proclaimed “Pac-Power!”.

At the time of this 1983 Pac-Man vitamin commercial – Fred Savage was around the tender age of seven years old. That doesn’t mean however he didn’t bring the thunder, cheerfully telling Fred goodbye and giving a hello to Pac-Man as the multivitamin of choice. I think it’s fair to say that this ad comes out swinging at Flintstones vitamins – with the Mother in the ad pointing out that the competition was made up of over 70% sugar. Obviously our favorite caveman from Bedrock proved he had the staying power with Namco’s iconic video game character getting a dreaded game over in the children’s multivitamin market.


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