Mini-Monsters - Ideal Toys - 1965

Have You Ever Seen 1965’s Mini-Monsters Toys By Ideal?

Friends, you are probably familiar with the likes of the Living Dead Dolls or perhaps the Monster High series of monster-themed products. Did you know though they were far from the first line of collectible dolls honoring the likes of Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster or even a Werewolf? While there existed earlier products in the 60’s tied with the Universal Monsters films, such as 1961’s Aurora Frankenstein model kit – it was 1965’s Mini-Monsters by Ideal Toys that I believe were the very first offering of horror-themed dolls. And you would be hard pressed to find a cuter collection of monstrous misfits.

While there isn’t really anything known about Ideal’s Mini-Monsters at least anything I could uncover – a website that specializes in monster toys did mention that some collector’s mistakenly believe these are tied in with The Munsters. To be fair if you look at Wolfy he does bear a slightly similar resemblance to Butch Patrick’s turn as Eddie Munster from the TV series. In my personal opinion I think he looks more like Henry Hull’s role as the Werewolf of London from back in 1935.

I think we need to take a closer look at Vampy, the only female Mini-Monster of this group. While there might be a slight bit of Lily Munster in her mix, I think it’s pretty obvious that the iconic Vampira was the inspiration for this particular doll. I just said we need to take a closer look and that is because take a gander at her dress – It appears to be a vampire character menacing a Woman on the ground?!

All right, I have no qualms admitting I’m not sure why the Dracky doll is made up to look like a Doctor. If it wasn’t for the teeth I would wonder if perhaps they had originally intended something along the lines of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – but even the doll’s ears and facial characteristics match what we normally think of as a Vampire.

Last but certainly not least is Franky, whose attire makes him appear as if he is ready to attend school. Of the 1965 line of Mini-Monsters toys by Ideal – hands down my favorite is Wolfy but that is due more to The Wolf Man being my favorite Universal Monsters film. A close second is Franky who you will see not only looks more alive than his 1931 big screen counterpart but you’ll notice he also sports band-aids instead of stitches on his oversized noggin!


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