Doctor Who Take On Me Music Video

Have You Seen The Doctor Who ‘Take On Me’ Music Video?

Friends, while I may not have the wit and wisdom of the esteemed Professor Brian Oblivion when it comes to Doctor Who – I am quite fond of the long running series and the many talented people who had had the opportunity to play our favorite renegade Time Lord. Which is why I cracked such a big smile when I came across this rather wonderful animated short from back in 2013 – a Doctor Who Take On Me music video. What I didn’t know at the time though was that the animation was done by Richard Swarbrick, whose original animated short entitled 50 Years In Time And Space was of course a celebration of 50 years of the Doctor. It features important audio clips from the history of the TV show as well as some emotional ones to boot – I’m looking at you Ninth Doctor and your impassioned speech from The Doctor Dances!

Now I’ve been able to find a little information about Richard Swarbrick, by way of the Hotspur & Argyle site. Richard it would appear has made a name for himself with his animated shorts for sports – covering football, basketball, and even horse racing. Swarbrick has made commercials and I would describe his animation style as being similar to rotoscoping – I assume that is the way he animates his shorts. Much like what Ralph Bakshi is well known for with his animated films like 1978’s adaptation of The Lord of the Rings or 1983’s sword and sorcery epic Fire and Ice. However Swarbrick creates his fantastic animated shorts, the truth is he is one very talented artist.

Let’s jump to the subject of this post – this Doctor Who Take One Me music video. Uploaded to the YouTube channel of Flixx – who I should point out freely gives credit to Richard Swarbrick – has made a few edits to the original animated short as well as of course adding A-ha’s 1984 hit song Take On Me. It works surprisingly well to be totally honest and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.


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