Visit Ghost Manor….If You Dare!

Visit Ghost Manor….If You Dare!

Well hello again boys and ghouls and come on in to my office as we talk about the Charlton comic Ghost Manor. Through it’s two iterations (and hosts) this comic greeted you with tales or murder and mayhem brought to you by the likes of Steve Ditko, Pat Boyette, Sanho Kim, Nicola Cuti, Joe Gill, and Tom Sutton.

Ghost Manor was published by Charlton. Charlton was a Connecticut publisher known to low ball artist rates and use inferior paper, but in my opinion put out the finest horror themed comics of the Seventies.

Volume One of this comic was hosted by the Old Witch, which was very reminiscent of the Old Witch featured in earlier EC comics. Volume Two brought us the introduction of Mr. Bones as a host. He was a fun usher into the horrors of the manor. The character was best drawn by the legendary, Steve Ditko, as seen on in issue one.

After issue nineteen of the first volume the title was changed to Ghostly Haunts and a new hip swinging witch named Millie was instituted as host.

Ah Millie the 70s equivalent of a hipster

In total Ghost Manor ran from 1968 through 1984 but featured mostly reprints after 1977 as Charlton ran into financial problems.

In this old clown’s opinion the Charlton horror comics were better than the DC and Marvel output at the time. These classics are still not too expensive on the market and worth picking up. Although not updated since 2015 you can check out some Charlton classics at the Charlton Comics Reading Library found at Well time to close up the sanatorium and put all the patients at ease. Until next time try to enjoy the daylight.

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