The SEGA Promo Cassette Tape You Have To Hear To Believe!

The SEGA Promo Cassette Tape You Have To Hear To Believe!

Let’s just make it perfectly clear that this is only something the early 1990s could dream up. The 80s wouldn’t touch this, and the mid-late 1990s, well…no, that just wouldn’t fly.

The early 1990s themselves were a magical time (as were the rest of the 90s) – it was the beginning of the final decade of the 20th century. The new millennium seemed so far away, the 80s were so over, and we were disappointed that the 90s didn’t look like what every futuristic depiction promised.

But that was ok, because the decade was going to be cool anyway, right down to our video games. Those were ever-evolving, with better graphics, sound, music, and character design.

Mean Machines…and the Mega Drive

In September 1990, the Sega Mega Drive (the Sega Genesis for those of us in the States) was released in the Europe, and was handled by Virgin Mastertronic (Virgin Interactive as of 1993, but named Sega Europe Ltd. prior to that in 1991).

To coincide with the release of the Mega Drive, Virgin ran a competition in the United Kingdom video game console magazine Mean Machines for Sega owners to come up with their own (I kid you not) rap song about the Mega Drive. The winner would be given the chance to record the song in a proper recording studio.

The winners, MCs Nick and Steve, got their opportunity to shine with their song “Do Me A Favour” (which my computer recognizes as a spelling mistake). The cassette tape, The Sega Mastermix 90, became the (United Kingdom) anthem of Sega Mega Drive owners, released as attached to Mean Machine’s second issue.

Mean Machines – November 1990 Issue (Source: Out of Print Archive)

And the lucky people to receive this incredible cassette got to witness Rap music about video games. You’re desperate to hear this incredible song, aren’t you? Wait no longer!

“Do Me A Favour” – Sega Master Mix ’90

Upload via soundhog09

My sweet Lord. It’s like “Bust A Move,” but British and about Sega!

MCs Nick and Steve

So, who were MCs Nick and Steve, really?

The obvious answer would be two Sega-loving kids with a little song (albeit Rap) in their hearts. But the real answer…I can’t find one. So we’ll go with my theoretical answer. Seriously, I tried to find some information, but this Damien McFerran’s 2006 article from The Mean Machines Archive gives you just about as much information as they could…plus lyrics AND pictures of the MCs!

Can you handle ALL OF THIS?! How about this cassette tape cover, which has promotional material on it. Can you handle this?

It’s alot, but you can do this.

Mysteries of the B-Side

…should be destined to remain such, but wonder no more.

h(Source: Forums)


I actually found the video of this song on YouTube a few months back, while searching for videos about Sega Channel. This had nothing to do with Sega Channel, but there it was, and it was relegated to the “Watch Later” playlist…where it sat since December.

I can’t believe it waited that long, because it is a cool (albeit obscure) little piece of video game history, if only obscure because I don’t cover the international side of video game systems. I watch videos about their history, and I certainly read enough information, but this has never floated around in anything I’ve read.

So…yeah. Now you know more about the British Sega Rap than you probably ever needed or wanted to know!As for me, I’m outta here like last year! It sounded good in the song…oh wait, it didn’t?

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