Check Out This Marvelous Avengers Infinity War Retro Trailer!

Check Out This Marvelous Avengers Infinity War Retro Trailer!

Friends, while this particular fan trailer for 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War might actually have been released on YouTube back in 2017 – this is the first time I’ve seen it for myself. A creation of Darth Blender and released on his YouTube channel it manages to use clips from all manner of retro related properties from 1980’s Flash Gordon to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Managing to mix all these various scenes together to present a rather marvelous Avengers: Infinity War retro trailer for an alternate universe version of the film that managed to come out back in the 80s.

Did I forget to mention that not only is ALF playing the part of Rocket Racoon but both Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. make up Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Starlord and Drax – taken from the criminally underrated Enemy Mine from 1985. With Dick Durock’s role in 1982’s Swamp Thing obviously used for Groot, leaving Susan Oliver’s turn as an Orion slave girl from the 1964 Star Trek episode entitled The Cage for Gamora. To say nothing of the fact that Darth Blender’s fan trailer includes the iconic Gunstar ship from 1984’s The Last Starfighter in addition to a bit of that glorious score by Craig Safan

I think Dennis Quaid would have made a great Starlord!

That really is the tip of the iceberg and to be totally honest there is more than a few actual Marvel film and TV series used to make up the cast of characters for this Avengers: Infinity War retro trailer. David Hasselhoff’s take on Nick Fury, Spider-Man from the late 70’s The Amazing Spider-Man TV series, Reb Brown’s Captain America, Peter Hooten’s Dr. Strange from the 1978 television movie, and Eric Allan Kramer as Thor – who played that character of course in the 1988 made for TV movie The Incredible Hulk Returns make the cut. In addition there are a few snippets from the never officially released 1994 Fantastic Four film.

One of my favorite choices is both Burt Reynolds as Tony Stark – although I will admit I have no idea what TV show or film his suit comes from – and Chuck Norris as Frank Castle aka The Punisher. So grab your favorite beverage and sit back and prepare yourself for the Avengers: Infinity War retro trailer.


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