The Adventures of Colonel Whiteshroud

The Adventures of Colonel Whiteshroud

Today, I want to present the greatest supernatural investigator that has ever lived. As a kid in the early 80s I gravitated to the horror output from DC and Charlton. One of the finest was Charlton Comics was Monster Hunters. This comic gave us eighteen thrilling issues from 1975 to 1979, and later reprints from Modern Comics after the purchase of Charlton.

The horror host for this comic was Colonel Whiteshroud who would present his case files of supernatural shenanigans. He would introduce stories he wasn’t in, but each issue also had a starring story for him. Whiteshround encountered werewolfs, the undead, and even the Loch Ness Monster. The good Colonel was a member of S.A.V.E. or the White Way fighting the forces of evil over the course of two years.

The Colonel, The Blonde, and The Lycanthrope

As a kid this was some thrilling stuff.

Featured story and cover artists included Tom Sutton, Steve Ditko, and Pat Boyette. The Tom Sutton covers were superb and super creepy. I realize these guys were kind of slumming at Charlton, but you would never know they were underpaid by the output.

The paper quality Charlton used was subpar but if you search online you can see some of the original cover art which is sublime.


Whiteshroud meant a lot to me as a kid. He was my go to RPG character when playing Chill. I will most definitely have a follow up to detail this forgotten tabletop RPG from Mayfair games.

Thank you for letting me spin the tale of Colonel Whiteshroud and Monster Hunters. A cool character and somewhat rare, as he not only hosted the comic, but was an active character within.

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