CryptTube Unearths All Cinematics For The 1997 Tales From The Crypt Game!

CryptTube Unearths All Cinematics For The 1997 Tales From The Crypt Game!

Friends, or since we are talking about Tales from the Crypt, maybe that should be fiends? Jonathan of CryptTube has once again managed to venture forth into the wilds of the internet, armed only with a digital pick axe and shovel as well as an overwhelming desire to bring to light the lost treasures of the cancelled 1997 Tales from the Crypt game for the PC. And boy has he hit payload with this latest upload on his CryptTube channel – he has found all of the cinematics for what would surely have been an awesome game featuring not just the Crypt Keeper but fellow EC Comics’ horror hosts The Old Witch and The Vault Keeper.

So far CryptTube has released three videos, each one being able to dive a little deeper into all elements of the game itself. From learning that Mike Vosburg who handled practically all of the covers used in the popular Tales from the Crypt television series had been hired as the head artist on the game. To the fact that two former programmers for Inscape, the company that had been hired to create the 1997 Tales from the Crypt game, were able to comment on the videos and in the case of Joseph Cotten get in touch with Jonathan and share some computer animation for the game he had managed to keep in his collection.

With this latest video however, Jonathan has been able to reveal the entire plot of the game – kindly sharing the pitch documentation from back on May 2nd, 1997. In which we learn that the Player’s character named Killyjoy is a comic illustrator who creates funny animal books but he wants to something more out of life – he wants to work at EC Comics. Sadly for the artist, the Crypt Keeper has decided to lend him a hand by pulling him into a comic book universe and forcing him to enter three gateways that lead to a trio of distinct interactive stories. In addition the Crypt Keeper’s lair – that we saw parts of in the HBO series would act as the central hub, presenting challenges to the Players with puzzles and finding the gateway to the next story.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we now have the cinematics for this lost 1997 Tales from the Crypt game. Which includes the intro and outros for the three stories entitled High Tide, Big Top Terror, and The Works in the Wax – but we also get to hear the legendary John Kassir as the Crypt Keeper, Lani Manella as The Old Witch, and Hardy Fox as The Vault Keeper. Heck, this is such a big thing that John Kassir himself was kind enough to record an introduction for this CryptTube presentation!


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