Let Peyton Manning Teach You About…Nutrition!

Let Peyton Manning Teach You About…Nutrition!

A Long Time Ago (2000, To Be Exact), In Tennessee…

We all know Peyton Manning for a a few things: football, commercials, and that United Way commercial where he told kids he would kill a snitch, and then taught them to break into his car.Ok, that happened in a Saturday Night Live sketch, but this really needed a dark turn. Anyway, Peyton’s a legend, but early in his career, he was hanging out with kids to teach them more important aspects of life.

Like I said, all the important things!

Especially the importance of late 1990s kid-friendly font!

What we got screams of every elementary school educational video ever, and it is awesome!

Peyton Manning, in his third season as the Indianapolis Colts Quarterback, was tapped by the Tennessee Beef Industry Council and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, to host an educational short film to teach children about the food pyramid and the importance of exercise and sleep as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

It probably paved the way for that United Way parody commercial, but it still aimed to teach kids about Nutrition!

Kids like…

You know, those lucky kids plucked from the local elementary schools that think they’re lucky to be in a video with Peyton Manning, only to be embarrassed they were in this video almost twenty years later.

But they got to meet Peyton Manning!

I could go on and on about the video itself, but why recap it, when you can watch the teachings of nutrition unfold before your very eyes? Behold in all its early 2000s (but screams of late 1990s) glory, Peyton Manning’s Training Camp: A Nutrition Odyssey!

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Did you know that Peyton likes Okra?

Better yet, did you know Okra tastes like glue?

I did not know this, but then again, I’ve never tried Okra before!

The Tennessee Beef Industry Council struck gold by tapping Peyton for this educational venture. Manning proves to be a good role model for kids, and his youthfulness (he was about 23-24 years old when this was made) helps him get on the level for kids, while not talking down on them. If I was a kid in school in Tennessee at the time, I would have loved to watch this video!

Sure, it is your standard educational cheese, but it is fun cheese. The 90s were a great time for training and educational videos, and of the ones I watched both in school and my adulthood, this was probably one of my favorites. Sure, the acting is terrible and the whole feel is silly, but if it got kids to pay attention, because hey, look, it’s Peyton Manning!

It helps that I like Peyton Manning (always have). I knew him from commercials and football even before he hosted Saturday Night Live, when we got to see his comedic talents come alive, and this was another great thing he did, if only great for the nostalgia factor.

Besides, how else can the Food Pyramid look fun?

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