Did You Know That Jon Pertwee Sang A Doctor Who Song In 1972?

Did You Know That Jon Pertwee Sang A Doctor Who Song In 1972?

Friends, while it is quite true that I spend most of my time working and hanging out in the Retroist Vault – I do on occasion manage to squeeze out enough time to leave and have a day to myself. Which is how just the other day I was able to visit my local record shop, an awesome little place called Block Street Records. On this trip I was able to pick up 1974’s Hammer presents Dracula with Christopher Lee as well as the Japanese import for the soundtrack for 1985’s Teen Wolf. In addition, while I didn’t pick them up I learned that Jon Pertwee, better known as the third Doctor from Doctor Who released a song entitled Who is the Doctor back in 1972!

Now to be upfront of the 13 Doctors we’ve seen so far, Jon Pertwee’s role as the third incarnation has always been my favorite version of the character. Although I have to admit that my first Doctor was the 4th played by the iconic Tom Baker, it’s just that I would catch the episodes on Saturday evenings on PBS so irregularly that when I started renting VHS tapes as a young adult, it was Pertwee’s flamboyant actions and his ability to rail against authority that made a mark on me. Which is probably why Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor became my second favorite version of the character, followed by David Tennant and then Jodie Whittaker who is playing the latest version of the Doctor.

But really, when you get down to it – there is something about all of the Doctors that make them enjoyable, right? Now at Block Street Records there were four Doctor Who 45’s available to buy – they were up above my reach so I didn’t pull down the two featuring Peter Davison and Colin Baker, so I sadly do not know what the B side of the records featured, but the A side included the familiar theme to Doctor Who.

At least I can tell you that the two 45’s at the store that had Jon Pertwee singing Who is the Doctor were the 1983 releases, the B sides on those records contained the score for the 1972 serial entitled The Sea Devils by Malcolm Clarke. For what it’s worth this electronic soundtrack was the first Doctor Who serial that Clarke worked on – although he would go on to compose more for the series it wasn’t until ten years later with Earthshock!

Now are you ready to enjoy Jon Pertwee singing Who is the Doctor from back in 1972?


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