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Atari Is Better Than Movies Featuring Rich Hall!

Friends, today marks the 26th of the month which naturally means that it is once again time to celebrate Atari Day. That fan picked day of every single month that we get a chance to chat about and share our appreciation of the lasting legacy of Atari. Not just the iconic video games the company helped to produce back in the Golden Age of video games – case in point today’s offering, an advertisement, which until today I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing before. One that features the comedian Rich Hall of Not Necessarily the News fame – detailing a few reasons why Atari is better than movies!

As you can see from that screenshot of the commercial itself – Rich Hall is helping to promote the home ports of both Centipede and Phoenix. I believe that both games were given the home treatment in 1982 so I can only guess this Atari is better than movies commercial ran around that time – my personal guess is that it was probably 1983, as the Atari 5200 was released in November of ’82.

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For the record in my personal opinion both ports of Centuri/Taito’s Phoenix as well as Atari’s Centipede were fantastic games on the 2600. Although having said that I will admit I feel the Atari 5200 box art for the latter featured the superior piece of artwork.

Considering this commercial puts Rich Hall in a role as usher at a movie theater, I wonder if this particular ad actually was played in theaters back in the day. I’ve not been able to find anything online that says this is the case though so it might very well have just been on TV.

Hall was pretty well known during the 80’s with his segments on the popular HBO sketch comedy series, Not Necessarily the News. Rich was the one responsible for coming up with the term Sniglet – which the comedian described as being words that aren’t found in the dictionary but should be. A sniglet is generally a blending of words for comedic effect.

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Now then, are you check out this vintage commercial with Rich Hall pointing out why Atari is better than movies

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