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Exciting news appeared around the interwebs late last week from the revived Mego Corporation with news of their upcoming wave of retro-styled, highly articulated, cloth-costumed action figures! Mego was a juggernaut in the toy industry in the 70s and very early 80s, when many of us were formative and developing our lifelong obsessions with many of the great properties Mego produced toys from – STAR TREK, PLANET OF THE APES, DC and MARVEL COMICS, and so many more. Mego hit some rough times in the early 80s and disappeared from toy shelves for decades, leaving behind a loyal fanbase and collecting cult that grew and grew over the decades. Fans and aficionados created great websites like The Mego Museum , a convention with Mego Meet , and several toy companies came forward to carry the Mego style into the 21st Century, like Bif! Bang! Pow! and Figures Toy Company.

But magic happened last year when the Mego Corporation returned to the toy business, under an exclusive deal with Target stores nationwide, and once again producing its trademark 8 inch action figures from a number of classic TV shows ranging from the original STAR TREK and BEWITCHED, to CHARLIE’S ANGELS and CHEERS, to FULL HOUSE and CHARMED, as well as 14 inch action figures from classic DC COMICS characters. And now in 2019, with the Target exclusive deal behind it, Mego has announced the fourth wave of new action figures hitting store shelves and e-tailers in March, first up with a LEGENDS line focusing on celebrities, musicians, and athletes, including MUHAMMAD ALI, ELVIS PRESLEY, MARILYN MONROE, BRUCE LEE, FARAH FAWCETT, JIMI HENDRIX, JOE NAMATH, and ANDRE THE GIANT.

You can also look forward to an extension of the Mego HORROR line, with FREDDY KRUGER from A Nightmare on Elm Street, NOSFERATU, THE INVISIBLE MAN, and new versions of Bela Lugosi as DRACULA, a glow-in-the-dark FRANKENSTEIN’s Monster, and THE SCREAMING WEREWOLF.

And not to be outdone, Star Trek enthusiasts and militant Trekists can look for new versions of CAPTAIN KIRK and MISTER SPOCK in their classic dress uniforms from the episode “Journey to Babel”, LIEUTENANT UHURA with a new head sculpt, and the ROMULAN with a new and more screen-accurate uniform.

These great new toys are being offered for pre-order from various and sundry online retailers and there are reports of wave 4 figures showing up on the pegs and shelves of stores around the country, so if this sets your nerd-sense a-tingling, be on the lookout! And many thanks to our friends at The Mego Museum for keeping the rest of us in the loop with news and pictures of these great new releases!

I wish I’d saved my allowance …

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