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Saturday Frights: The Candlelight Witch

Friends, thanks for joining us once again for a small dose of the creepy and bizarre. With this week’s offering entitled The Candlelight Witch we get something of a throwback to 80’s ‘kid’ horror like 1987’s The Gate as well as The Monster Squad. The short film probably won’t actually scare you but the creepiness of it all in conjunction with the ending makes it more than worthy of your time.

We have Julie Muncy of io9 to thank for the heads up on this award winning short film, which took the 2018 Los Angeles horror competition award. It’s definitely easy to see why this is the case as not only is the short incredibly well directed by Rebecca Flinn-White but in addition – the cast of young actors do a remarkable job as well.

As I’ve stated before on this site, growing up I didn’t have any real friends – anyone my age to hang out with on a regular basis. So a lot of times at school I would kind of listen and marvel at how other children were having sleepovers or slumber parties – often my schoolmates described passing the night by telling all manner of ghost stories – like Bloody Mary or Tailypo. Actually the story used by the kids in The Candlelight Witch takes a little inspiration from the Bloody Mary tale.

In The Candlelight Witch we are introduced to Trish (Brooke Sorenson) who is babysitting young Lily (Presley Richardson) and her teenage brother Neil (Connor Kalopsis). The power has been knocked out and Trish is sharing her version of the legend of the witch – of how a Woman was chased out of town after her own home was burned down by angry townspeople, that fire sadly claiming the life of her own child in the process. The legend states that children if they are alone must never light three candles and place them in a triangle…as this could act as a summons to the witch…who is looking for a child to replace the one she lost.

You want to take a quick bet on whether or not in this case the witch makes an appearance? Besides the cast and direction, this short film also boasts an almost John Carpenter-like score by David Green. So grab your favorite snack and beverage and turn down the lights if you can and join us as we call on The Candlelight Witch!

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